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Monday, September 8, 2014

Fun Before Dentistry...

About 20 years ago, when April was going to U of A, I used to go over there all of the time and use their library for research. 

That was back when it was free to check out books.  Now it costs big bucks to get a yearly library card for non students. 

Anyway, I was looking through my notebooks yesterday and I found some lists and a floor plan that I thought might interest some of you that are into accuracy in your historic buildings.

This first one is a floor plan for a house called Wychwood, from sometime in the 1800s, England.

I will list the rooms, just in case my handwriting is hard to read.  I am starting at the top left and going across. 

The library is easy enough to read, but by the time I got to the bottom I was getting a bit sloppy.

It goes... Library, Dining room, then going outside we have Fire Fighting equipment, An arch with servant quarters above...A spiral staircase and then three more floors of servants quarters with an attached coal shed.  Second row was a staircase and hallway and butlers room. 

Next was a Japanese room, hallway, the kitchen with back stairs and the game larder.

The fourth row was a garden alcove, hall, butler's pantry and more hallways. I am thinking that the back door was there?

Fifth came the study, and more hallways.  At the bottom was a staircase, an entrance hall, a servants hall with butler's sitting room alcove.  Hallways, and last but not least.... A Still room...Can we say brewery?
The other two are just lists, but interesting anyway.

The top most is a description of the accouterments in a house in Exeter between 1500 and 1550.

I will just list them as written.

Rooms serve more than one purpose-living, sleeping, cooking, etc.
Doorways, low arch enclosed by chamfered frame.  Internal and external.
Windows- Glass was rare.  Some iron grill work an wooden shutters.

Fireplace on first two floors.
Stairs wooden or stone steps.
Hall- main living room, most important in house-ground floor eating room sometimes used as kitchen. Sometimes a bedroom.
On the second floor, Chamber- primarily for sleeping-secondary storage.
Men's chamber,-Maids chamber- Quarters for servants at the top of the house.

The word chamber was sometimes used in certain room names, ie- starching chamber, distilling chamber, wool chamber, milk chamber...

Kitchen-Cooking, washing,  brewing. sometimes a separate building across the courtyard.

The third and final list I found most interesting.  It consists of the different types of rooms that the wealthy people had.  Some are listed as rooms, some as house.  I imagine that the ones listed as houses were separate buildings on the property.

We have, Hamper house, Water closet, Stick house, Potato house, Ironing room, Dairy, Drying room, Implements shed, Tea shed, Wash room, Scullery, Cook's pantry, Old kitchen, Jam house, Butler's pantry, Lamp room, Silver chest, Wine cellar, China store, Maid's store, Servant's hall, Postman's room, Butler's bedroom, Housekeeper's room, Bakery, Still room, Work shop, Food preparation Room.

They didn't add any of the usual rooms bed chamber, living room, library, dining room, etc.  I assume that they thought that you would just know about those.

I thought that these might give you ideas for different kinds of rooms that you could add to historic houses.

Off to the dentist now... See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
These are great. I love the plans ion the first picture. Be strong, the dentist will be just fine.
Big hug,

Julie said...

WOW, very interesting historical data!
Thanks for sharing it- gives me ideas for my next build :)
All the best with your dentist visit- the visit we all love to hate... ugh!

katie garrett said...

What good ideas! I think a garden room is just what I need!

Karenann Young said...

Good luck with the dentist. It is bad enough to go to the dentist but in this weather too!
Can't believe the wicker chair you are making! I just looked through your list of wicker things you have made. Totally awesome! You are so skilled!! I have a feeling that Tessie will be keeping it nice and safe for your return. Much love! Karen

Caseymini said...

Karen! I played it safe and made Tessie Go with me. That saved the chair and also kept the dentist in line! Nobody messes with Tessie... But me and Zar.

Alison Shibata said...

The only dentist I didn't mind visiting got married and soon after, left town for good! Bzzzzzzzz says the drill :^( Wishing that you stay safe and dry...

Daydreamer said...

Fascinating details! I love this sort of information! Thanks for sharing it!
Good luck with the dentist!

Simon said...

Hi Casey, sorry I've not been around lately. RL has been frantic to say the least!
I'm about to catch up on what I've missed but had to say I love your old sketches and notes. I keep all my doodles and drawings, it's so interesting looking back through them.