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Thursday, August 7, 2014


I made the supports for the steps this morning.  I used brass #16 for the flats and copper #18 for the supports.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to get a good photo of them.

You can make a jig with nails and a wood block to twist your wire around if you want them all exactly the same.  I figured that I might have to have some longer and some shorter since the tree isn't an exactly straight pole.  I was right.
I twisted nine of those using my needle nose and round nose pliers.  They are pretty much the same shape, with a bit of variance in the width and length.

After I got them shaped, I "work hardened" them.  That is a jewelry making term for beating the wire to death with a leather or rubber mallet on a hard surface.  Some people use a fancy block of steel... Me... Not so much.  I have a favorite rock that I use.  It works just fine and the mallet is one that I use for tooling leather.  Hey!  Whatever works is my motto.  After you have pounded on them, they become hard and stiff.  Not so easy to bend as they were when you were curling the wire.  That makes for a more stable base for the steps.
What with all of the pounding, everybody left... Except Spike.  He seems to like all of the bending and banging.  Or maybe he is just tired of being zapped up and down by Tessie and would rather take the stairs.

I found it rather difficult to get a good photo of them.  I have three more steps to put in place.  It is time consuming, since you can't really lay it down to work on it, for fear of messing up the proceeding steps.

Anyway, I don't think that Daisy is going to get her house by Monday... I hope that she enjoys the shoot out at the OK corral.  If she stays in Tombstone, AZ much longer she might get into trouble. 

The shoot out will be coming up in late October(1881). I think that she already knows when it is and what is going to happen.  Maybe that's why Wyatt Earp won.  She tattled...

It might be a good idea for her to come forward in time or find some other fascinating place to be by then though.  I don't want her taking any chances or messing up the history books... Somehow, it wouldn't be the same if Daisy Eulalia  shot Ike Clanton....Wickipedia would have to be edited...

Back to the tree!

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

Very decorative step supports. Look forward to seeing the completed stairs.

mcddiss said...

que escalones mas originales ,tengo mucha cuirosidad por ver como queda esa escalera ternimada



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I think Daisy will love the steps. Terrific design!
big hug,

chapchap73 said...

Casey, this is looking amazing! The wire looks a little steampunkish to me...maybe Daisy is a fan? Hugs, Sarah