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Friday, August 8, 2014

Inch by Inch, Step by Step....

I am working on the steps for the spiral staircase.  I did the steps by cutting a circle the diameter of the staircase and dividing it.  Then I cut the tips off of the steps where they will meet the tree trunk.

Then I drilled two holes in each step at the wide edge and painted them black.
I used skewers to connect the steps.  As you see them in this photo, they are not spaced or attached to the supports. 

I have glued the tree in place.  Unfortunately, that's the only way I can be sure that the steps are in the correct position as I work.

Right now, they cover more area than the base for the tree.  I plan to smooth that out to a rolling hill shape, instead of a lump.
 Of course Tessie showed up to "help" after I was finished gluing the tree in place...

She did offer to hold the clamp...After everything was partially dry. 
I may just tell her to stand there and hold it for an hour or two... Just to keep her out of my hair. 

I have to wait until the tree is thoroughly dry before I start gluing the rest of the steps in place.

Hey!  With her out of the way, I could probably run into town and get supplies and she would never know I was gone.  Especially if I turn the TV to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, before I go.  That should keep her happy for a couple of hours.  I might even let her have her director's chair to sit in, whilst she holds the clamp...

Anyway, I hope to see you tomorrow with a whole, completed staircase...Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Good luck Casey,
It is coming along beautifully!
Big hug,

Simon said...

Wow Casey! I can't believe how far you have come in a day! The stairs are really coming along now. It will be amazing to see them complete tomorrow!!
Get that TV switched on and pop out for some chocolate to help the grey cells ;-)