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Monday, August 18, 2014

Ready to Scream!!!

I am circumventing Google this morning.  I usually load my photos to Picasa and from there to the blog.  I made the mistake of wanting the latest version of the thing that lets me download newer apps on my i pad. 

Walter loaded it and now the big computer is doing all kinds of odd things.  So, I am avoiding Google like the plague... Sorry Google.

It took me a while to get the photos uploaded to the regular computer.  It's all my own fault.  I should have been happy with what I had on my i pad.

Anyway, that's why this is so late.

Long story short.  I decided to do a complete clean out of the tower shelves that I keep extras in... I should have been a bit suspicious when Tessie volunteered to help...

I have shown this before, but I was cleaning....Yes, it's Monday again. 

Did you notice what Tessie is holding in the first photo?  Yup.  The Mesmerizer... And Zar is somewhere sleeping it off.  I think that she grabbed it when he wasn't looking and used his own weapon on him. 

I think that Tessie is trying to be nice, so that I won't take her borrowed toy away.

I changed the wallpaper in the top shelf.  The stuff that was in there never seems to match anything.  I went for a single sheet of Brodenax  that I had on hand.  Black and white goes with anything. 

The purpose of this tower is to display a few of the minis that I like best, that don't have homes.  The top shelf needs new stuff.  I just stuck Tessie with the job of finding something to stick in there for show and tell...I can't say that she tried to hard to make it look good.  As long as she has the Mesmerizer, she can do whatever she wants.

The middle room is filled with the stuff that used to be on top.  Some of these days I am going to have to make a fancy nursery for the swan bed...

The tiny teddy bear, sitting at the bottom of the bed is hand crocheted and actually jointed.  I bought it a LONG time ago and I can't remember the name of the maker.  It is an amazing piece.  Probably one of my most prized minis.
I pulled this wing chair from Spike's crypt and replaced it with another one.  The reason being, the "blue" cording, is now an ugly brown.  I guess that bunka isn't always color fast.  I am going to have to  replace it.

The blue hand painted plate on the wall is one that I bought in San Francisco a long time ago too.  It was painted by Pollie Simpson, I think.  The signature is kind of messy. The person that sold it to me, told me that it was part of an estate that she bought. 

The previous owner was the man that wrote the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". Strange how something like that sticks in my head after all these years.

 I made the rug from an English book of mini patterns. I also did the Florentine stitching on the stool by Gary Larson.  And the biscorneau pillow in red and white is one that I made from a regular sized French pincushion pattern. 

When all of the stuff inside gets dusty again, it will be time for a change.  For now, that is how this is going to look.

Anyway, I think that I have stalled long enough.  Back to the real world.  Housework beckons. There is real furniture to polish and real floors to mop...

See you tomorrow.


Lené said...

If you hadn't mentioned that the blue cording had faded on the chair, I wouldn't even have noticed. It looks like a modern take on a vintage classic, quite stylish just the way it is.

Unknown said...

Your tower looks great. The tiny teddy is absolutely amazing! Not surprised he is one of your favourites :)