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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good Housekeeping...

This morning, Zar came to me with a not unreasonable request.

He has been living in his Steampunk Un-Mobile home.  OK so I haven't finished his Clockwork Cottage and his 70s den doesn't have any facilities...

He wanted his Clockwork Trailer cleaned.  It has been a while and he had written his name in the dust on the kitchen table... So I didn't think that the request was unreasonable.
I took everything out and started spiting and polishing.... I didn't really spit... I used lemon oil and a lot of the Clorox cleaning wipes. I seem to be missing some pieces, such as the box of Scooter Pies and other food.  I have the feeling that someone has been doing a lot of midnight snacking. Zar did find his Mesmerizer.  I suspect that Tessie hid it under the bed, where we found it.
He Immediately grabbed it, and his machete and sat down with cupcakes.  Spike wandered in with his favorite bone and they discussed how to keep Tessie out of the trailer...

It is fortunate for Tessie that she can zap.  They didn't hear her arrival on the rooftop terrace.
Tessie doesn't need to get into the trailer this morning.  Zar left a pitcher of orange juice and a tray of snacks on the table, upstairs.

We will not be discussing what Zar is going to say when he finds out... If he ever does. 

I am not telling.  I am gong to say that there was a squirrel invasion... Yeah... That will work...Maybe...
Thank goodness, Tessie ate what she could and left with the rest of the plate of food in one hand and the pitcher, tucked under her arm.

By the time Zar got back to the roof top, there was nothing on the table to remind him that it had been there and as I said.... I'm not telling. 

I want to stay on the good side of both of them.  Even if that side is in the middle.

Tessie is back at Daisy's Cottage.  And Zar is back to serenading anyone who will listen.  He keeps channeling Freddy Mercury and I am really tiring of "Stone Cold Crazy"... As it is, I hear that every time my cell phone rings...

Me?  I know nothing...  I am saying nothing.  I am sitting on the bed with my feet up... Placidly stitching on the rug for Daisy's bedroom... After all, as a wise woman once said, "Tomorrow is another day....."

See you then.

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