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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meee First!!!!

"It's MY chair!!! Daisy can't have it!"  That was Tessie this morning.  She was in the chair again when I started to go to work on it...

She is in for a big surprise!  I am not going to argue with her.  This is my trial run, so to speak.

I decided that I would work all of the bugs out on this one and then do a second one for Daisy.  I am finding that they are both  "Me first!" people...
I went to look for bee's wax and the chair disappeared.  I knew just where to look.

Tessie plopped it atop the beanbag in the townhouse living room... The better to try it out.

At least she was nice enough to tell me that she appreciated the handles on the sides.... "It makes getting the thing up to speed for full out swinging, easier!

Remind me to leave those off of future hanging chairs.
She then went to lay on the couch and stair at the chair for a while.  I am hoping that she will fall asleep, so that I can get back to work...
I came in to write the blog entry and found a post it note on the computer screen.

I imagine that Daisy has caught on to the fact that I hit the screen running a few times a day.  She figures that I will see any notes that she leaves there.

Her writing is not great.  The note says:
  I like the hanging chair idea, but I don't want Tessie's.  Bu the time that this one is finished, she will have it shaped to her liking.  I want a new one.  Hugs, Daisy.

So.... It looks like the work has doubled.  At least I will have the kinks worked out, by the time I get to Daisy's model...  Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


2minimom said...

Love the hanging chair! If only it were that easy to make one in 1:1 scale! Thanks for the joyful postings. They make my day,every day.

Lené said...

Hmmmm, does Daisy have the internet where she's at or is she gazing into a crystal ball? She seems suspiciously well-informed of your goings-on. Perhaps Zar is her informant? Gosh, at least she's keeping an eye on Tessie too hahahahahahahaha!

Caseymini said...

Lené, I suspect that Daisy pops in sometimes when I am not around or asleep to see how things are progressing...that's how the notes get attached to the computer screen....

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous chair. Very comfortable. Keep in touch

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I must be honest, if I lived with you and were a bit smaller I would be insisting I have one of my own as well. It is gorgeous and looks very comfortable.
Big hug,