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Friday, August 22, 2014

I Managed to Escape!!!

But not for long... 

Before I left I tried the cut down curtains in the kitchen... Ick!

I definitely needed a trip to the Quilt Basket.  I managed to sneak out on the pretext that I was going grocery shopping.  Tessie hates that.  She always just gives me a list.

I stopped at one of the other quilt shops on my way. Big mistake.  I don't normally find much to my liking there, but this time it was worse than that.  the whole parking lot was full...

So was the store.  I walked in and asked what  was going on.  The whole store was filled with women that were signing up for classes.  It was scary.  I just turned around and went on to the Quilt Basket.  I can always find fabrics suitable for minis there. 

After that, I stopped at a store in the same shopping center that I thought was all for weavers and spinners...

Big mistake.. They have sock yarn!

Just what I need!  More sock yarn.  Oh well, that just means I can start my Christmas knitting early.

When I got home, Tessie was waiting by the back door, with hands on hips.  I could hear her shouting, even before I got into the house.  The nerve of me for leaving her behind...

She calmed down when she saw all of the goodies.  She took one look as I spread the haul out on the bed and said, "Hmmmm... That's more like it... I count eleven new aprons...No, wait.   I don't have a leopard skin apron! 12 new aprons!  OK.  You are forgiven for leaving me home."

About that time Widget approached.  I just changed his nick name to "Inspector General".  Anything new that comes into the house, he has to approve. 

Of course, Tessie was having none of him sniffing at her new aprons.  "Get away from my aprons,you wretched cat!"  Then at the top of her lungs she yelled,"MINE!!!"  

I am not sure how to break the news to her that they are all going to be not aprons, but curtains and household items first.  If there is anything left, she may get an apron or two.
Widget took the hint and turned his back on her and put his lick of approval on the new sock yarn.  So... All is right with the world and peace abounds. 

I am off to drool over the new fabric and decide which one will be curtains around Daisy's couch.

Then I may just start some new socks.

See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
A crazy shopping day but well worth it. The fabrics and yarns are lovely!
Big hug,