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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Welcome to My Workroom...

The new and improved version...

I decided that rather than drag it out to the weekend, I would finish. 

One of the last things I moved was Elliot.  He is now on the table at the end of the aisle.  That gives me a bit more room on the desk.  I can always drag my stool over there if I really want to type something...
As we come in, to the right is my workboxes with threads, small accessories and other miscellaneous mini and craft items in the first stack of shelves. 

The second is mostly bead and jewelry making materials on the shelves.

The drawers are filled with wood, spare parts from kits and the bottom drawer is for miscellaneous needlepoint canvas and cross stitch materials.

Underneath in the two baskets, yarn and crochet thread.

The one in the far corner is mostly unused craft materials.  The plastic boxes are all sorted and labeled by project.

The window wall is very difficult to photograph.  Even though there is never any direct sunlight, it always has a glare.

The desk and chair, you have already seen.  The little craft table is set up behind the chair in the corner.  I can just swivel around to work there.

Continuing around, the shelf in the corner is empty plastic boxes, that will be filled in no time, and cigar boxes.  At the bottom, there is a ten gallon aquarium, left over from a class I taught years ago.  I it is filled with plastic 'beanie baby' boxes.  Those are what I put my quarter inch trunks and other one room 1/4" scenes in.


The other two large bookcases are for all kinds of stuff.  Magazine basket weaving, books, magazines and instruction books... There are even some of my sketchbooks from college. 

The blond, tall bookcase is mostly for landscaping materials.

The closet drawers hold a little bit of everything... Now all labeled and neat. 

We won't talk about the stuff on either side of the drawers.  Rolls of needlepoint canvas.  Large embroidery frames, lap tables for bed and other mysterious pieces of this and that. 

At least I got rid of a lot of stuff I will never use... I could probably get rid of more, but as soon as I do, I will need it for something miniature!

Now.  Go away!  I am going to enjoy my clean room.... until tomorrow or the next day.  Then I will surely mess it up and have to start over again...

It's a wonder that I ever get any minis done!  Day one and counting...

See you tomorrow. 


Vivian Fox said...

Well done Casey,
That's a craft room to be proud of!
All the best

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Thank you for the tour of your "neat" workroom. It will serve as inspiration for my ongoing
Craft Room organizing.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Enjoy your new, beautiful workroom. I looks fantastic!
Big hug,

Daydreamer said...

Awesome! You have made a Beautiful craft room full of all the supplies and parts.... and it looks neat and Organized and coordinated! Wow! Great Job..... you are an inspiration!

Smaller Places said...

Wow! That looks incredible: organized, color coordinated, and convenient.

You are my inspiration, as I positively have to do major cleaning and organizing over the next four days, and it's feeling a bit daunting. But you have a much more extensive stash than I do, and you got it done.

Julie said...

WOW! That is a fantastic amount of supplies in a wonderful space! You've done an amazing job sorting and organising it all, Casey!
I love checking out your daily posts!

Troy said...

It looks great - I bet it feels good to be done. I may have to borrow some of your ideas!

12Create said...

Well done Casey.

AM said...

Hey Casey, I applaud you for all the work you have done! Your workroom looks so tidy. Gey your self a cup of tea and sit down, relax and enjoy your "new" workspace. Hug AM

Deni said...

Well done I need to fix mine again I love the way you have your boxes stored in the cupboard, I have so many things to put away but when I do I cant remember where they are, cause we have as we have minis,scrapbooking,knitting,villages and landscaping, I have 6 large totes of landscaping 3 large totes of minis and 2 scrapbooking then I have stacks of bits and pieces everywhere I dont like it so I better get in and fix it tomorrow

Caseymini said...

Deni,the 'boxes' are plain old plastic drawers that I covered.

I don't think that I could work with the tubs. I would be forever searching for things.

As it is now, I have everything stored and labeled. The label maker is my best friend!LOL

Fabiola said...

Fantastic! I haven't a're very lucky.

Lucille said...

You did an amazing job, Casey! This order will certainly simplify your life when you work on your mini projects. You have inspired me, except that it's a bit harder for me because I have no space. I only have one bedroom and next to my bed is an armoire full to the brim and very disorganized. But I can't do much now because of the heat and humidity. It sucks my energy and makes me weak. Perhaps I should try to do a bit each day. My couch is full of stuff that I started to sort but the humidity caught me unawares and I had to let it go. No air conditioning here, you know, and my fans blow hot air after being on all day. Anyways, today is a cool day but I have errands to run. Wow! Such a long comment, eh!