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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hand Me a Brushpick!

There has been a discussion on the Greenleaf Forum about these dental picks for a couple of days now.  Finally Debra found them at Walmart and wrote about it.  I saw it at five AM and was at Walmart by five thirty!

People wanted to make knives from one end of them...  I brought them home and discovered that they would make other things too.

It was suggested that the knife end would be cut of at the length of the handle and the blade part painted silver and the handle brown.  I took that suggestion one step further.

Just cutting it at the end of the handle does make a nice carving knife.

I took it upon myself to shorten the blade end too.  It can be made whatever shorter length you want it to be. 

I also sanded the blade with an emery board until it was a lot thinner than it was when I got it.

Tessie came in while I was doing it and offered to zap it to size.  I refused, knowing that other people don't have Tessie to do the work.

The other end is a sharp, pointy thing with a bunch of thinner sharp pointy things coming out of two sides.

I immediately thought, Ice pick and Muddler for drinks.

When I cut off the side thingies There was the icepick.  When I left them on, the muddler for drinks.

So far,  two knives and two bar tools.

I then cut off the ends and left the middle.  Three lumps on either side of a straight piece.  I went and got a piece of typing paper and cut it to 3/4" wide, in a long strip.  I glued one short end to the side of the middle section and rolled it around, until I got a thickness I liked. Cut it off and glued the end down.  Almost instant rolling pin.

I painted the metal parts of knives and tools silver and the handles and rolling pin Territorial Beige. 

The fastest tools I have ever made and they look pretty good for what they are. 

I am off to see what else these little gems will make.  There have to be other uses for them. There are 120 in the package for under two dollars!  Cool tools and cheap besides!

See you tomorrow.


Vivian Fox said...

Hi Casey,
Talk about inventive and creative, these little items are marvellous, and from brushpicks....unreal!
All the best

Marisa said...

thanks for the tip I'll be at walmart tomorrow :)

AM Minnaard said...

Hey Casey, what an amazing idea. Sadly no walmart overhere :(
Hug AM

Lucille said...

Amazing tutorial and with just brush picks! Thanks, Casey!

elizabeth s said...

Hi Casey! I LOVE IT!! And I love that you have managed to make use of the Entire dental pick! The rolling pin idea was a Brilliant solution. The knives look wonderful and I suppose that now Wal-Mart will find themselves with a run on Dental Picks, for no apparent reason!
I shall be looking for these myself, on my very next visit! :D

Caseymini said...

I imagine that other drug stores carry them. You just have to look for that particular brand. One of the other stores mentioned on the forum was Rite Aid.

Evelyne Martin said...

Clever! You definitely 'suffer' from MES (Miniature Eye Syndrome). Congratulations!!! :)

Julie said...

WOW! What an excellent product. Love to see the way your creative mind and skills turns them into such sweet minis.
Now to try to find them here in Australia- have certainly never seen anything like them yet.

Caseymini said...

Julie, I had never seen them here either. Never thought to look in the dental aisle for mini supplies. As it was, I had to look through it twice before I found them.

mcddiss said...

si que le has sacado partido a esos pequeños palillos dentales , me encanta



Julie said...

Ahhh, thanks- will check in those kinds of stores :)