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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paint and String...

OK.  I finished the drawers and shelves. 

Someone made a comment that they looked like the Scandinavian style... Actually, the person wasn't completely wrong. 

The colors are quite different, but the designs of the painting are very similar.  The difference being, a lot more metallic and grayer hues in the Moroccan designs.

After taking photos, I can see some spots that I need to touch up.
There are also a couple of things I want to change.  The pink on the side of the chest doesn't read well.  It is hard to see the design and it just looks stuck on.

I am going to go back and change that part of the design.

I went off on another tangent yesterday.  I saw some examples of Romanian tape lace on you tube. 

I taught myself how to do the tape part yesterday.  Now all I have to do is get enough of it crocheted to make a complete piece of lace. 

If you are interested in the technique, go here.
 This is the one that I learned the crochet part from.

  There are also examples of how to make it into lace. just put Romanian  tape lace in the search.  It looks like it will be fun to do when I get to the lace making part.  Very similar to the needle lace that I already do.

Now I have to go fix the chest... Did I mention that Tessie keeps telling me that Daisy would rather have a townhouse and she, Tessie, would be willing to trade... I have a feeling that I am going to be in the middle... Once again...  This time, I think that Tessie has met her match....After all, if Daisy decides that she doesn't want to argue about it, she will probably just up and move....House and all.
To any time and place she wishes to go... And leave Tessie standing there arguing with thin air...

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I love what you have done with the chest and the matching shelf! The ground color is rich and wonderful and the designs really make it come alive!


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. The Romanian tape lace is very similar in appearance to English Battenburg lace, except the English type is made with machine woven tape. I have several small tablecloths made of Battenburg lace which I got in England and I love them. I could not link to the video but it seems the tape needs to be the length you require before you start the "lace" making.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, I already know how to do Battenburg. I thought that this was interesting because of the crocheted cord. You have to cut it and sew it together rather than one continuous piece, but the interesting thing is.. This Braden can be unraveled from either end. I have never run across any other crochet stitch that is capable of that.

Lucille said...

I love the chest and shelf! Lovely designs and colours!

Simon said...

Hey Casey
I am in love with this chest of drawers! Well done. I have family in Sweden and it really reminds me of them. Your lace is incredible, well done. I can't believe you taught yourself!! I've always wanted to try crochet but always chickened out! You've inspired me to give it a go...
Ps I can't believe Daisy is moving house! The grass is always greener ;-)

Caseymini said...

Simon, get on you tube and put in "how to crochet". You will find a lot of people willing to teach you! The nice thing about learning this way is you can find someone that you like and the other thing is the pause button. Let me know how you do. Good luck.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
thanks for the link...I'm going to watch it now. Crochet is an art I'd love to learn. the chest is coming along beautifully.
big hug,