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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bubble Bath....

I finished installing the bath last night...

This morning, I got to work on the kitchen.  I made the mock ups actually fit in their proper places.

I cut a hole for the sink and put it under the counter to see how it would look. 

I put three burners on the counter where the stove will be.
I found this kitchen on Pinterest.  Another version of North African kitchen....I kind of like all of the arches.  I may try to work these into the kitchen.  Something different.

As I was working... I heard a lot of splashing.  It was coming from the just completed  bath...

I looked in and there was Tessie, complete with bubbles.

I asked what she thought she was doing? 

She replied...."Someone has to try this out to see if it leaks.  So far, so good...".

Then I asked a couple of other pertinent questions..."Tessie, where did you get the water and how long are you going to stay in there?  I have work to do."

Her reply? "I zapped the water in.  Oh OK.  I didn't zap it in.  The baby elephant helped.  He holds a lot of water, but we had to take a few trips to get it as full as I wanted it.  And it's not very hot.  He refused to syphon water over his own body temperature. And the other answer is, as long as it takes to see if this thing holds water or not. I'll probably be all prune like, before I get out.  Pass me the cookies that I left on the table!"

What could I do?  I passed her the cookies.

With that, she grabbed a handful of cookies and slid down in the tub even lower.

Now all I can see is the top of her head and cookie crumbs all over the bathroom.  She sneezed when bubbles got in her nose...

I am NOT cleaning it up.  I made her agree to mop and sweep before she leaves.  I do hope that the drain works.

I don't want the baby elephant to have to syphon water with cookie crumbs in it.

She is fully dressed.  She explained, "That way I won't have to wash my clothes later...

I am going away now and work on something completely different.  I saw her jump out of the tub and zap to somewhere...Then she reappeared, dripping wet, with Zar's Steampunk water pistol.

I am not even going to go into the bedroom for the rest of the day. Anyone that does, is sure to be soaked.  Surely I can find something else, besides the kitchen, to work on.  That's just to close and asking for it.

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

I wouldn't blame you for not going back into the bedroom until she's finished with her shinanigans (dont you just love that word) hopefully she doesn't make too much of a mess


Lucille said...

No, don't go into that bathroom if she has a water pistol! lol! I love your kitchen so far and I love that pic of an African kitchen!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Hum...I might try that bath/ clothes washing combo! I like the mock-up of the kitchen. Keep up your amazing work.
Big hug,

Julie said...

Love it!
Love the kitchen too- it's going to be fantastic! Love the shelf and cupboard and what you are doing with the rest of the cupboards and proposed arches!