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Friday, June 13, 2014

Rumbling From the Closet....

Early this morning...Right after Walter left to go play golf, I heard strange sounds from our closet... I knew it wasn't him and Widget was in his bed snoring.

Curiosity got the better of me.  I peeked around the corner and this is what I saw...  Have you ever seen a six inch witch trying to move a 40 pound typewriter?

It's not a pretty site.  I stood there in awe as Tessie ran around to the back of said typewriter and tried to push it forward... Then she went to the front and tried to drag it.

I started laughing and she caught me watching.
"Don't just stand there! Help push!" 

I asked, "Why don't you just "witch it" to where you want it.  And by the way, where are you going with Elliot, anyway?"

Tessie glared at me with her best glare and said, "If I could witch it, I would.  Elliot has been eating a lot since you stuck him in the dark closet.  I think he wants out."

Since I didn't even know that Elliot could communicate without someone typing on his keys, I said, "Yes, go on..."

For those of you that don't know about Elliot, he is my pet typewriter.  I found him in a thrift store about 25 years ago for 8.00. For the first few years he sat in the kitchen and April and I used him as a message center.  He works perfectly.  I just didn't know that he could talk... 

Tessie sat me down and patiently explained to me as she would to a two year old. "He only speaks when spoken to and only when he's in the mood to answer..."
 I suspect that Tessie is putting words in his mouth.  I finally agreed to help her get him where she wanted him to go when she asked me, "What is a Steampunk room without a portable typewriter?"  I question the portable part.
Anyway, I wheeled it into the workroom on one of the rolling chairs that we have.  There was no way I could carry it from one end of the house to the other.  Even if it isn't a very big house.

First we tried it on a small table at the end of the desk.  It was about 35 pounds heavier than the table and very top heavy.

I managed to drag it up to the top of the desk.  By that time, I needed a break.  Elliot was getting heavier by the minute.

First, I tried it on that end of the desk.  It took up too much of the work space. 

By this time, I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks, minus the three bears and plus a very heavy typewriter.... No place was just right.

I finally pushed and shoved it down to the other end of the desk, by the TV...While Tessie sat and filed her fingernails....Complaining all the while that she had chipped her polish...Polish??  I have never seen her wear nail polish!

Anyway, Mr. Elliot Underwood is now happily ensconced in his new home. And NO I am not going to turn him into a keyboard for a computer....That has already been done by lots of people.  I am happy with him, just the way he is.

Meanwhile, I am turning cheap plastic pots into copper verdigris. This is only the first step.

Hey!  They are much lighter and easy to carry than Elliot.  I think that they are going to get more attention than Elliot for the rest of the day.  He can just sit there and look cute and

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Well, it seems we have another thing in common.............
an old typewriter. I have one similar to Elliot Underwood. Mine is a Royal. And IT IS HEAVY! It has been in the same spot on my kitchen counter, which was the first place I could set it down when I brought it into the house
many years ago. I rescued it from a friend who was going to use it as a planter in her yard. It was my idea to place it above my kitchen cabinets with a few other old, antique items, but I can't lift it up there.I should move it to my office and make it the focus of my fantasy "I'm An Author" scene.If I give it a use, I would be less inclined to sell it.

Lucille said...

My goodness, that typewriter brings back memories! I learned to type on one of those. What a horror they were when one picked up speed. I was so relieved when they came out with the electric ones. Never a lonely moment with Tessie around! Looking forward to seeing your finished pots, Casey!

Jean Day said...

Love your Underwood, terrific memories, great for exercising the fingers and produced the paper of so many mysteries with their filled in letters for identification. Wonderful collections of things too, thanks for sharing. Mini Hugs, Jean