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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I am in Time Out... Bad Casey!

I am not going to show you another coat of spackle or gesso this morning...

I am in sooo much trouble with Tessie and Zar that it isn't funny.

They are both on my case.

This is what the workroom looks like at the present time...And yes.  That is the top of the infamous laundry basket at the bottom of the photo.  And no.  The drawers aren't done.   I have a good excuse for not getting anything done yesterday... A clean bathroom and my half of the closet is clean.  OK those are big people things.  They don't count, as far as Tessie and Zar... and Spike are concerned...
The reason that they are ticked off, is not Daisy's Cottage.  It's the stuff that I moved around last week.

Tessie swears that none of her domiciles are livable... She never uses any of them.  She mostly lives in my house.  But that doesn't matter.  She wants her homes set right.

Zar added his two cents, saying, "My Tudor Trailer is covered with dust everywhere.  I have been sneezing terribly!"

I went and looked at all of the stuff that I moved around... They were right. 

I picked up a rug that was in front of the stove in Cordelia's house...Remember, Tessie traded with her at one point.  Thus, she still thinks of it as hers.

That spot in front of the stove is where there was a throw rug... I think it needs dusting...And the table is missing.  I think that we tried it out in Daisy's place....Then it ran away... And hid somewhere..

I wasn't smart enough to stop looking.  It looks like a hurricane hit the Embroiderer's cottage. 

That's two....
Spike's crypt is in it's usual state.  But he had to get his two cents in....Now he wants the dust dusted... I think that he means that he would like to have just one layer of dust, instead of two or three.
Tessie's townhouse and the craft cottage both need straightening. 

Not too much dusting.  I did that when I moved them.

We won't talk about all of the other buildings that haven't been dusted for a while... At least they haven't been moved and shaken.
Before I get back to work, I just wanted to show you the babies.  If you look closely at the bottoms for the rosettes, you will see tiny roots starting to find their way to the soil. 

I have never counted to see how long they actually last, before they need to be transplanted.  I am going to keep track this time. 

The dust awaits...

See you tomorrow.


Jean Day said...

Little me would be happy to move into any of their abodes, dust or not... they must be cranky because of the weather. So nice to get a glimpse of your workroom too. I hope Tessie and Zar don't put too much pressure on you, remind them you can only do one thing at a time and dust gives everything a lovely patina. Mini Hugs, Jean

mcddiss said...

bueno , lo del polvo por todas partes es comun en todos sitios , y mas ahora que con el calor esta todo abierto , yo limpie hace unos dias la casa que tengo como almacen de muebles y me llevo toda la mañana
espero que ese duo se tranquilice un poco y te deje hacer



Giac said...

Hello Daisy,
If I were you I'd ask Daisy for a spell that can make you turn off your hearing when she gets there.
All your hard work cleaning and still you get told off. Good luck to you with the dusting and cleaning...did they ever consider cleaning things themselves???
Big hug,

Caseymini said...

Giac, there's only one problem... Daisy isn't a witch. She's simply a time and location traveler... She doesn't do spells.