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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Beads Made Me Do It....

I have a hard time resisting trying out new beads.  Yesterday, I went at it and made two and a half bracelets.

I know I promised to get back to minis and I will in a minute, but I am having so much fun with these new Super Duo beads...
 These bracelets are like Lay's potato chips.  You can't make just one.

This pattern that I am using is off of You Tube and it goes together pretty fast. It's called a snake vertebra bracelet. Very slinky.

Tessie immediately took the one that I made for April, for Mother's Day(its the same as the one that I made for myself a few days ago) and decided that it would make a good boa.  That's how flexible they are.

I promised that I would get back to the minis too, though, so here they are.

I worked on the screens for the bedroom this morning.  This photo  is a bit hard to see.  I am going to be painting this one.  I lined the window edge with soutache braid.  It looks like double bead molding, but is flexible.  It comes in handy when you need to go around curves.

The rest is regular double bead in 1/16" size. 

I have the designs drawn out that I want to paint on this one... It kind of defeats the purpose.  I will paint the whole thing and then just have to draw them again.  At least this gives me some idea of how it will look.
"It's Too Short!!!".  That was Tessie.  She is never happier than when she has something to complain about.

I didn't want to put it in place.  Then you wouldn't be able to see it.

This one is all done with soutache braid.  Notice how nicely it goes around the curved edges.  It will be painted, so no one will ever know it's not wood.

Side note... It used to be hard to find soutache braid.  Lately it has been showing up in bead stores.  People are making jewelry with it.  I used some old stuff out of my stash.  The new stuff is more expensive than it used to be.  You may be able to fine the old kind in fabric stores. I haven't looked lately.

I framed out the watercolor paper on the back and am going to use that for the screen.  It is very heavy and will be just fine when it is finished.

Now.  If I can just get Tessie untangled from it, I am ready to start painting. 

Oh well.  I can always do the inner screen first.  I think I will just leave her there to stew for a while.  Surely she is smart enough to duck under?

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Great bracelets. the beads are really beautiful. I love the way the room is taking shape. It is a very original and inspired design.
Big hug,

Lucille said...

The bracelets are lovely, Casey! You must have quite the jewelry collection! I love your screen!

12Create said...

The bracelets are lovely Casey and I like the detail in the room features you are building.

Mereknits said...

I love the bracelets, is there anything you can't do?

Caseymini said...

Meredith, I can't swim or play tennis!

mcddiss said...

se ve muy bien y es cierto ni siquiera en las fotos nadie podria asegurar que no es madera



April said...

Thanks again for the bracelets! I'll wear the other one tomorrow. Funny that Dad and I gravitated to the same colors ;)0