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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bored? Excited!!

 The boring part...All of the stitches in the center, above the needle is my work for yesterday... Stupid rug has a very large center of allllll one color.
Now for the exciting part.  I went back to Walmart this morning. In the kids crafts, I discovered that they are carrying Model Air white, by Sculpey.  Same price as Michaels, I think.  $6.97, but if you need it at four in the morning, it's handy.  Walmart is open 24 hours and just a couple of miles away...Michaels isn't.

Now for the tube of glue.  I went back thinking that the second kind of glue that E-6000 just put out was jeweler's glue...Wrong!!!

I am so excited about this stuff.  If it just works like the label says, it will be  a boon to miniaturists everywhere.

It is called Extreme Tack.   Look at the nozzle and the cap the goes over it. 

The  nozzle is very fine.  the cap just slips over it and keeps the glue from running all over the place.

I think that E-6000 is onto something.

So far, I am impressed.  I put some on the bottom of a seashell and let it dry a while.  Then I stuck it to the side of the building in this photo.

Just as happy as a clam...Sorry, I couldn't resist.
After I got tired of watching it hang on the side, I put it on the under part of the same place...

Still happy as a clam....

This stuff works like the tube says.  I am just going to let the little shell hang out there for a while and then move it again.

Did I mention that it dries clear?  Yup.  It does.

I am going now and stick a few other things down as trials.  I will let you know if it lives up to it's claims.

See you tomorrow.

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mcddiss said...

veo que estas mas que contenta con tu nuevo descrubrimiento , eso esta muy bien , estoy deseando ver el resto de tus experimentos con el pegamento