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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Albion Inn...

This is the Albion Inn.   I really didn't do much work to it.  Cleaning and repairing a few bits here and there.

It is one of the most unusual miniature buildings that I have ever had the pleasure to work on.

The whole thing was made of cork! I suspect that sheets of cork were used to ship bottles.  Someone very clever decided that they looked like brick.

A couple of years ago, I needed some brick for a fireplace in my colonial kitchen and decided to follow suite.  I used the sticky backed shelf liner kind, but it worked well.  I can see how the original artist made the connection.

It is a replica of a corner pub that actually existed before the second world war.  As the sign says, the real one is no longer there.

The person that had it, also had a map of where the original pub was located... Unfortunately, we went to London twice and I never thought to see if I could find the location either time.  Now I wish I had looked for it.

I did, however, buy a piece of land in the center of London, while we were there..

OK.  I admit it.  It's only a four page deed for a piece of land in the center of London.  I got it at the Portabello Road Market, one Saturday. 

It is a real deed. It is four pages on sheepskin and when unfolded it is about two feet square and  covered with fine handwriting.  It has all of it's seals.  One of which is the blue strip at the left.

I "translated" it from it's 1636 language and we did find out where the land was... I really wish I owned it!  I would be filthy rich!

Oh well I was a few centuries late to cash in on the deal.  Now back to the Steampunk thing. And Daisy.  Time Travel?  Hmmmm.... Maybe there's still a chance....I have to think about this.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

que original , utilizar los tapones de corcho para hacer los ladrillos , jamas se me habria ocurrido



Steinworks said...

wow, I always learn something new when I come to your blog Casey thanks for the photos of the cork pub, I wish you had found it (or whats left of it)


Neen said...

Casey, could you show how you turned the cork into brick? Thanks! I love the idea of a deed to "City" property. Yes, you would be very rich indeed if the deed were real. When you find the time machine, please let me know. There is some property in Beverly Hills I have my eye on (and a few shares of stock).

Caseymini said...

Neen, I already did. Usually, all you have to do is put a key word into my search window in the side bar to find out about something I have done. I just went and put in "cork" and there it was.