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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Rough Guesstimation...

 Remember all of the dip and dye I did a few days ago...?

I either got lucky or I am getting better at estimating how much material need for a job!

I finished gluing all of the shingles on this morning...Now the fun part begins...Washes and shading.
Spike is closely guarding the leftovers...Yup.  That's all there were.

He wants them turned into fetching sticks.  I am going to leave that job to Tessie and Zar.  They don't seem to have anything to do this morning...I know that they will avoid putting more color on the roof, for fear of getting dirty.
Meanwhile, on the Steampunk front.... I did a mad scientist experiment last night. 

Maybe fuel additives or stuff to make steamy stuff more powerful?

I saw a photo on a Steampunk Pinterest website of real sized bottles that someone had concocted in layers like this... A challenge...  My solution.  A large supply of nail polish and lots of time to let it dry...

These are the glass bottles from the nail section at Dollar Tree.  I bought quite a few.  The goal was to make layers of color.  I did just that with the first one.  The one with the turquoise paint was a layer of that color that I let dry.  Then I put a layer of matte finish on top of that.  Let it dry.  Finally I topped it off with plain clear. That one worked pretty good.

Then the mad six year old got in the mix.  From left to right....I filled the bottle with clear and then dripped another color into it. The color sunk to the bottom and separated...  I did the same with red and clear in the fourth bottle. 

The third and fifth bottle  I put in one layer and let it dry for a while...Then I put in another color and stuck a toothpick down in and pulled up the bottom color on the side of the bottle.  The third bottle has a distinct marbled effect.  The fifth one just kind of seeped the yellow into the metallic green.

The last bottle is plain old boring weird pink and I tipped it up to coat the inside of the glass on the top part.

I will probably cut off the little hanger thingies on the tops of the bottles and put something else on top.  I am going to let them dry some more first though....

I think that I will go watch nail polish dry for the rest of the day.  And twiddle my thumbs and whistle a happy tune, whilst I am doing it.  The alternative is yard work... Which would you rather be doing?

See you tomorrow.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like your work. This house is fabulous .. We keep in touch

Lené said...

Ooooo that is some wonderful experimenting! I've also been collecting those little bottles and I want to make potions to fill them. I love the ones where the paint dropped to the bottom, it almost looks as if some magical object is floating in there too!

12Create said...

Neat effects in the bottoms. That would have been a fun experiment although it is a wonder you didn't get high on nail polish fumes.

mcddiss said...

menudo trabajo con las tejas , seguro que esos botes quedaran genial



Caseymini said...

Sheree, that's the whole point. I sat there happily playing with the bottles. And then gave my nails three coats of polish to boot!LOL

Lene, if you try the drop kind, let the first stuff dry for a little while. I didn't wait long enough. I think, if you are patient, you might be able to get some of the blobs to suspend in the bottle. I am going to try more. Tessie is wanting potions... There are also the little things that come inthe bottles. I want to try to get some of them to float around in the liquid.

Emjay McKarney said...

what a fun idea!