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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ruffing It....

That's what Spike calls roofing.  He was the only one willing to get up early on Easter Sunday.

I got all of the wrought iron painted and the top cap on the roof.  Spike did nothing to help, but cheered me on.
I have started applying washes to make the roof look aged now....A little bit at a time.  I have to let it dry between washes.  It is easy to over do it if you don't. 

I see a spot in the iron trim on the cap that needs to be adjusted a little bit.. The loops are too close together.

In case you hadn't guessed, the "iron" is antique lace, that I painted black before installing.

This is probably all I am going to do today...

We all just wanted to pop in and say Happy Easter to those that celebrate.  Happy Sunday to everyone else.

See you tomorrow.


Lené said...

The roof is looking fabulous. Happy Easter to you, Tessie, Zar, Spike and the rest of the gang (human and otherwise)!

12Create said...

Love that little bunny basket.