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Saturday, April 19, 2014

All Is Forgiven...Kind Of...

The Terrible Two are back together...I will tell you about that part later...

This morning I drew and cut the roof cap shingles for Daisy's cottage. 

I did it with copper scrap booking paper.

To show you what can be done with this technique, here is the roof of Spike's crypt.  It was done with charcoal colored, textured drawing paper.  With a bit of Prismacolor Pencil shading on top. 

The point is, You don't always have to use conventional shingles.  Whatever works is my motto.

I turned the paper over to the back and drew lines across the longer edge at 1/2" intervals.  Then I turned it lengthwise and did 1" intervals.

From there, I did diagonals on every other rectangle, in one direction.
Then I went back and did them in the opposite direction, forming triangles that were half the length of the rectangles.

When I cut them out, I first cut them in strips, with a plain edge on one side and triangles on the other side.
 Then I went back and cut the triangles out on each strip.  Keep the triangles.  They are handy to do the top row, if you do a whole roof.

Anyway....Yes. Those are Tessie's toes that you see.  She's Baaaack.....

Zar let her off the hook with the proviso that she would behave herself for a full 24 hours... Sure she will... It also helped to promise her a chocolate covered graham cracker....All of her very own.
Here you can see the first part of the roof cap.  There are still a few steps to go, to make it look good.  I will get to that by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I think that I deserve a chocolate covered graham cracker for getting back to work on the house. 

No.  I haven't finished the workroom yet...

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

I like that technique. The roof of Spikes crypt looks great.

Lené said...

If only the rest of the world's problems could be resolved so peacefully with a chocolate covered cookie! I like the crypt's roof, cannot wait to see the cottage all finished.

Deni said...

that is a very interesting roof!
Im thinking about using sandpaper for my roof tiles! still thinking lol

Lucille said...

Nice roof! Happy Easter to you and your family, Casey!

Fabiola said...

Great work. I like your roof.