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Friday, April 25, 2014

Let the Fighting Begin...

When I got back from the grocery store this morning...I had a new and darker roof on Daisy's Cottage. 

There was Zar, with brush in hand, proudly showing off the new and better roof.

I made some comment yesterday, within his hearing that I still wasn't satisfied with the roof.  It was too light.

Zar waited until I left the building. Then he went to work.  He knew that I didn't want it too dark. 

He mixed Golden Pecan and English Chestnut Minwax.  This is what he got. 

I have to admit that he did exactly what I wanted... Now all we have to do is let it dry and watch it lighten a bit.
 Meanwhile, back to the workroom... I decided on three shelves to fill the space between the two bookcases.

No sooner did I get the hard part done, the Terrible Two moved in.  The specified that they needed separate shelves.  That was to keep the arguing to a minimum.  I readily agreed.

I did specify that neither of them could have the center shelf.  That would be unfair.

Tessie, of course took the largest shelf.  Zar got the largest one in the other shelf unit.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be greedy...

Zar's spot is perfect for TV viewing....

Tessie has her back to the set and part of the bookshelf is in the way.

If she doesn't mind laying on her stomach and hanging over the edge of the shelf, she can still see...

Zar, on the other hand, has settled in and is watching reruns of Buffy The Vampire Slayer...

OK.  Tessie just noticed the disadvantage.  She couldn't figure out why HER dog was staying with Zar. 

It took the count of three for her to figure it out.  Then she was out of her chair and yelling across the gap.

Between her yelling and the men on the roof next door, pounding in new shingles with what sounds like a machine gun gone wild, I can't hear myself think....

I am gong to the other side of the house.  I will turn the TV up, close all of the windows and doors.

Walter was smart.  He left to go buy a new golf bag...  Too bad I can't think of anything that I need really bad, like that.

Oh well.  I will be in the room with the least noise, if anybody needs me...

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The roof looks incredible. Zar did a terrific job. as for the noise and arguing...good luck my friend.
Big hug,