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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Don't Count Your Stitches After They Hatch...

I was starting the first border last night...I had all four sides of the blue done.  The I started in the upper left corner, as you see it here...When I got down the bottom left, I had a problem. 

There was one less space then there was diagonal stripes.  Oops!

I got in a hurry and started stitching without double checking my count.  RATS!

I had to take out 436 stitches!  That takes longer than putting them in.  I did half last night and the other half this morning. It took a couple of hours.  There is no way to rush it if you want to save what you have.

With Tessie and Widget's help, I am now right back where I stopped last night. 

Tessie would have you believe that she did the replacement stitches...She didn't...

That's why Widget is glaring at her.  When I am stitching, I can't scratch behind cat ears and under cat chins...  I did the stitching...Believe Widget, not Tessie.

I have to show you another mini.  They won't stay mini long, but I couldn't resist this "Mother of Millions" type plant at Walmart last week.  Look closely.  You will see tiny plantlets at the edges of the leaves.  If this plant works like my other "Mother of Millions" plant, there will be itty bitty plants coming up everywhere. 

I started with one plant of the other kind and have them all over my yard now.

If you look closely, there is a baby in the dirt in the pot.  I stuck several in there to see if I could get them to root.

Well, it's kind of mini...Sort of...

See you tomorrow.  No more counting my stitches after they hatch...


Lucille said...

That's a nice pic of Widget!

12Create said...

I'm doing some blackwork and I spent last night unpicking stitches too. The annoying thing is that after I had finished I realised I had done most of it right anyway and it wasn't necessary to unpick it all!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is horrible how a little error can cause so much trouble. Widget is gorgeous! What a beautiful cat! Ozzy gives me the same glare when I am working on my minis. The plant is really interesting. Love it!
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

I like how Widget give her the no nonsense glare :)