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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Party's Over....

 Yesterday, I took the day off to celebrate 1,000,000 served.  Actually, that wasn't the real reason.

My friend Joan came over and we just generally had a good time. 

I just finished spending my Amazon and Etsy gift cards from Christmas.

This book  and some projects kept us busy.  Who can resist a book that is filled with 500 colored photos of something that they like to do?  Not me or Joan either.  She is also someone that likes minis and jewelry, both.

I worked on this piece while Joan painted the tiniest train set that I have ever seen.

Needless to say, neither of us was bored.

This piece is done over a cranberry glass tube with findings on either end.  Believe it or not, I bought it that way, a number of years ago at Walmart. That was back in the day when Walmart had a full service craft department.

I used Japanese Delica beads to do it.
 I am now officially done with Christmas.  I got this assortment, this morning, from Bella's Bead Habit on Etsy. 

See the conical brass findings?  That was what I initially went to her shop for.  Two of them are going to become torches for the front of Daisy's porch. 

It's just a good thing that I had some of my gift card left.  I always get in trouble at her site.  Great things and good prices. 

Now....From this photo, can you see where I am going to be for the rest of the morning?

I am going to spend a couple of hours straightening and then I am going to start working on stoning the porch...Honest!  I am!

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

oh I cant wait to see the torches


12Create said...

The book looks wonderful. Would be lovely to flick through. I love your beaded creation. I too need to get in my craft room and have a tidy today before I can work in there.

Lucille said...

A nice shopping trip! Looking forward to seeing the torches on the porch! Thanks for the link! I love looking at jewelry links!