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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Putting It All Together...

First of all, if Tessie tries to tell you that she knows how to do Oya lace...Don't believe her.  She just wiggles her way into posing with things that she likes.

I finally got four in a row that were close to looking like they are supposed to.  This group was done with #8 pearl cotton.  Not too bad.  Could be worse.  Now all I have to do is scale it down.
 I went out shopping this morning and found this in the kitchen department at K Mart.  It's a lazy Susan for the cupboard... I got lucky.  It is just a little taller than the sides of the foundation of Daisy's cottage.  Now I can turn the house this way and that, without lifting and moving everything around it.
That lead to straightening the area.  I peeked under the table cloth and decided that it was time to sort... This is all of the pieces, boards and miscellaneous, left from the cottage.

This could take a while.  Some of it is just junk, but other things are usable pieces.  Decisions...Decisions...

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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