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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nooks and Crannies...

I just spent a couple of hours trying to cover rocks...Without plugging up holes.

I felt like I was trying to paint an English muffin without filling the nooks and crannies...

I still only have the shading on the front side, in the areas that were shaded the other day when you saw it.  The rest still has to be done...At least that's the easy part.

 Somehow, I always forget, from one time to the next, that if I make deep cracks between the stones, I have to get the paint down in those cracks.  Also, sometimes the stones are a bit pitted where I used the stencil brush and the wee holes are close to impossible to fill.

Anyway, the first coat is on all over!

Zar volunteered to pose in the first photo...

Tessie came along and fired him, saying that he was no model...Then she took over.

Camera hog.

I am starting to like the colors now.  The gray of the stone works well with the downstairs colors.

It may take a while, but slowly and surely it will get done.
 At least these last two walls won't take much work....Especially since I cut a goodly portion out of each.
I cannot tell a lie....I didn't work on the house yesterday.  I did this instead.  I need a larger basket to hold my basket making supplies...This is getting out of hand!

Now April is right behind me.  She learned to do the basic round basket Friday.  I have to call her and see if she has woven herself into a corner.

When I left she was crooning about building the biggest basket.... I didn't ask her bigger than what...I was afraid to.

I am going back and paint shadows and highlights on stones now.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

que bien que Abril este aprendiendo a hacer cestos,
veo que esa casa va fantastica



Steinworks said...

I think it's turning out quite well and I'm learning a lot about paper clay..can you use anytype or does it always have to be a certain brand?

Troy said...

the stone-work looks great!

Caseymini said...

Marisa, I could use any brand, but my favorite is DAS. The new Model Air is about the same as the DAS. The white, that is. The terra cotta is terrible. It crumbles if you aren't careful.

I think that DAS and the white Model Air are extremely similar if not the same thing. They both have tough fibers running through them to hold things together.

I refuse to pay double, even with a coupon, for the paper clay brand. I can't see that it is any better than the other two brands.

That's just me though. Other people have other opinions...

Shelly Rawlins said...

I just bought this kit and wanted to make the covered patio and upper patio....can I cut into the roof to make a door to it? Where would I find a cool door/french door pattern to use?

Caseymini said...

Shelly, you can't do a door off the second floor unless you are willing to build a straight extension out from the slanted roof. Both roof pieces on that side are slanted. You might consider an outside stairway at the side of the house.

Caseymini said...

IDont often use French doors. When I do, I use plain old Houseworks doors.