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Monday, March 17, 2014

Back to Rock Painting...

I have shown this before, so I won't go into all of the colors.  I will say that I used Hippo Gray Ceramcoat for the base, with a bit of Quaker gray mixed in, in places. 

The rest of the colors are basic ones that I use.  I did add some Bronze and Antique Copper Folkart.  I wanted a bit of sunlight here and there, since it was so dark.
The second thing I have to have when painting walls is Widget.  He sits on a stool beside me and smells the brush between color changes to make sure I have the right amount of each color mixed in.  He does that for about ten minutes.  Then he gets bored and takes a cat nap on the bench.
Here's the first wall I worked on today.  You can't really see the metallic in the paint.  but it "lightens the color without making it too light.  If I put white on it, it looks white, instead of like sunlight glinting off the stone.

It's hard to catch the effect with the camera.
I am currently working on the front of the house.  This is going to take the most time.  I have to do the inside of the front porch.  Then add the walls, with the arches.  Then comes more stonework....Then more painting...Does it ever end???
And what is Tessie doing to help?  She is running around looking for fabric for the draperies in the living room bay.  I am voting for this one.  It has the exact color of the paint in it and a couple of other shades of the same blue.

I think that it will be interesting when it's pleated...

I had best get back to the painting, before Widget tries his paw at it... I don't think he is one of those "Cats That Paint", from the book a few years back.

See you tomorrow.  Hopefully with a fully painted house(outside).

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mcddiss said...

me gusta mucho como estan quedando esas piedras , puede ser interesante ese tejido una vez plisada para las cortinas