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Thursday, February 20, 2014

"It's Too Gray...."

That was me whinging and whining this morning.  I finished laying the walnut floor in the living room.  It just didn't go with the reddish tile in the kitchen.  It looked dead...

So, I whipped out the Provincial Minwax stain that I used on the baseboard and the crown molding, earlier. 

I like it better and what's more, Tessie approves.

It still needs sanding, after it dries and then varnishing.  It is so much richer looking than the plain walnut was.
 While I was working my fingers to the bone, I discovered that the Terrible Two were trying out the kitchen.

 The two of them ransacked Cordelia's kitchen, cooked breakfast, stole her table and chairs and made off to Daisy's cottage.

When I asked them what they thought they were doing, they explained that they were trying out the chairs, because they are like the ones that Daisy wants for the kitchen...

However, they had no plausible explanation as to why they took over her kitchen to cook breakfast and then moved everything to Daisy's house. 

They finally admitted that they had asked permission and Cordelia said that they could, as long as they cleaned up the mess.... I went and looked.  I hope that they are going back later to clean up...Not a pretty sight.

They finally agree with me that the triangular table is the answer to the space problem   They couldn't manage to get Cordie's table and the two chairs in the space, all at the same time.

Much to Spike's delight, that gave him a place to sit and look out the window with them, whilst pilfering sausage off of the plates.  He is going to be in so much trouble when they go back to their breakfasts. 

Thankfully, he runs faster than either of them.  I wish him luck.

I have to go  check on the drying floor.

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

I think the floors are looking pretty good together now Casey! A Good solution!


12Create said...

Boy, I'm glad my dogs didn't see the picture of Spike on the table. They might get ideas. Actually I have caught one of the dogs we took on earlier this year on the table once or twice already.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The floor really does look rich...good call! I also think a triangular table could work in the space and would be quite unique.
Big hug,

Lucille said...

The floors are lovely and a triangular table would be just the thing. Spike looks like he had himself a nice snack! Good for Spike!