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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Want to String Beads....

But I didn't.....I worked on the floor.

You saw most of the process before.  This was so much easier to cut the grooves into.

I took the first photo whilst the top coat of Trail Tan Ceramcoat was still wet.  I covered about the area that you see in the foreground each time and wiped the excess trail tan off with a damp paper towel.

I laid it in the kitchen to see how it was going to look.  I like it much better than the first one.  Once I get a coat of satin, water based varnish on it, and it is flat and dry, it will be ready to install...

Probably tomorrow.
We went to the gem show at the ball park.  Here's my haul.

The two plastic bags on the left, with the turquoise inside were my Birthday presents.

The top one is two strands of turquoise heshi.  The bottom bag is turquoise too, but with a lot of green and brown in it... These will all turn into jewelry for me.

The turquoise in the middle is chips strung on wire and braided for chokers.  The red is bamboo coral. The two on the left below that are various semiprecious stones polished and turned into stretch bracelets.  The last three are semi precious disc beads.  The one in the middle is all tiger eye.

Keep in mind that the show started Saturday and runs through Valentine's Day... We will probably go again before it is over.

April and I plan on going to one of the bead shows on Thursday...  We are very good at talking each other into various and sundry things there...I doubt that having Amare with us will hold us back much.  He is happy to just ride along in a backpack type carrier, where he can get a good view of all of the treasures.  April told him that this was where the pirates got all of the treasures that we hid in the back yard last week... What's nice about a 2and a 1/4 year old is he believes us.  No questions asked.  We may as well take advantage of this while we can...

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

I like how that floor is turning out, I will have to go to Joanne's to look for illistration board (that's a good 50 min drive though I should probably look for more stuff if Im going that far..I think I've just talked myself into a shopping trip)


Lucille said...

The floor looks great! I see you had a pleasurable shopping trip! Nice beads!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Great purchases! the beads are all beautiful...such vibrant colors!
This floor is beautiful and really looks perfect in the space...very warm and welcoming.
Big hug,

12Create said...

I love the turquoise beads. I hope you do get another chance to go back to the show and get some more 'pirate treasure'.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! The floor is looking really really good! I bet you are much happier with it now too. :)
And as to your beads, I say that you can Never have enough of them. Great selection!


mcddiss said...

el suelo de la cocina te ha quedado genial, unas cuentas fantasticas , seguro que haras maravillas con ellas



Fabiola said...

The floor is perfect in this space.
Bye, Faby