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Monday, January 6, 2014

Red and Green Covered....

 This was what the interior of the cottage looked like when I got up this morning.

I went to work and applied a second coat.
Now it looks like this.  It is much better, but I may still need to do some touch ups here and there.

As you can see, I got the first coat of charcoal on the roof cap tiles.  I'm getting there...

Tessie still won't commit to a particular project. I think that she likes keeping me in the dark as long as she can....So that I won't go into shock when she finally announces what it is going to be. It would help in color choices...

So just to get even, I told her that the paint has to dry for 24 hours... If she wants to play games, I can do it too.  I told her I had other work to do.
I pulled out both basket making boxes to, once again, straighten.   As you can see, I do a lot more in the coiled basket box than I do in the woven side.
You might ask what brought this on... It was Tessie's Teashop...When I went to put it back together on the top shelf, I noticed that three of the baskets that I have been looking for had somehow made their way onto the shelves. 

She said it looked too empty, so she had a right to grab a few things to fill the shelves.

Let her make her own baskets for fillers. If you want to try your hand, poke the label "baskets".  There are several tutorials there.

 The three on the top of the last photo are ones that she pilfered.  She tried to grab them again.  I stopped her and threatened bodily harm if she tried it.  She flounced out of the room, as only Tessie can flounce. 

At least, if they go missing again, I will know where to look for them.  Back to work now.

Tomorrow, I will show up with clean basket making boxes and maybe another coat on the inside of the cottage. 

See you then.


Simona said...

What improvement with the before and after pictures! Looking forward to see the progress!

Lucille said...

I'm telling you, Casey, there are times when I feel that Tessie is real! Anyways, she certainly provides us with good entertainment with all her antics!

Steinworks said...

for all the work you do you should give her a bill for your work (remember a good artist never works for free) charge her a few cookies..that should teach her