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Saturday, January 11, 2014

It Can Be Done...

OK...I got sidetracked.  I wanted to see if the Russian woven basket could be done in miniature.  It can.

I got it down to size 26 covered wire...I am going to go looking around for other materials, but this will do for practice.

I had green and white wire, so that is what I used. 

For the big baskets, to get them started, the woman just used her hands to hold the pieces in place. If you want to watch someone that knows what she is doing, go here.
She is the one that I learned this technique from.

I taped everything down with painter's tape to hold it in place

First I put down five groups of two pieces of white wire.  Then I laid two green wires across the top of that.  I taped all of this down on three sides.

Then I taped four groups of two between the first white ones and taped those in place.

For the larger baskets, you simply flatten one of the tubes of paper to do the third part.  I substituted some fine grosgrain ribbon for that, because it has to be able to take sharp bends.

From here, you are simply doing an over/under weave.  The object is NOT to bend either the green or white.  Only the pink gets really woven over and under.

I used a tapestry needle to help me get the ribbon through and push it up against the green wires.

You can make the basket bottom as large or as small as you want, just by adding more wires in both directions.  I just chose five by five at random.

If I do this for real in mini, I will try something like broom straw or fine bamboo to do it. The wire was OK to try it, but it isn't very pretty.

Since I told Tessie that ordering the cottage was OK.....She is as nice as she can be....And we all know how nice that is.

She immediately tried to claim that she did all of the weaving...

I simply told her that she can do the next one all by herself, if she is that smart.

She quietly got up and left.  I guess if any more get done, it will be me doing them. 

I heard her mumble something about having better things to do as she went away.

I have to go look for broom straws and such now.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

A nice method to make baskets and well explained! Our Tessie has her own style and knows when to take her leave! She is a wise little witch and knows when to quietly take her exit!

Veronique Blommaart said...

I did watch this a little while ago. Spent a few evenings rolling newspaper while watching TV and tried my hand at weaving. Right... that was that.... The cat loved the crumbled up wiggly strips op newspaper... One of us was having fun

Caseymini said...

Veronique, It is just like every new skill...Practice, practice, practice.

12Create said...

I love the base of these baskets. Adds a bit of interest. I haven't tried miniature basketwork yet except for some paper weaving. So many things on my 'must try' list.