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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

They Let Me Out of My Cage!

I took a break this morning.  I went into town to Michael's.

Letting me out of my cage is one thing, but sending me to Michael's?  That's downright dangerous! 

I wandered around for quite a while.  I haven't been there in a couple of months.

I found something for Zar's Clockwork Cottage.  Look at all these cog wheels!  Ninety of them in assorted finishes for $3.99!  The way I figure it, that comes out to about a nickel a piece.  And
Zar will use them all!  They are from Bead Landing.

The other thing that I found was this box.  I had a 40% off coupon, so it came out to around $5.00.

I thought it would make a good work box for jewelry making.  Tools in the bottom drawer and various bits and bobs in the top divided sections.

This however is lost on the Terrible Two.  They think that it should be for minis.  The two of them want to raise the outside edge and the dividers  by another inch or so and then put the lid back on....What for?  A nine room quarter inch house. 

I keep telling them that the drawer will fall out if they use it that way....Do you think that they really care?  Not really.

The reason that I left home in the first place was....I got a look at Tessie's Tearoom...

Can we say that it hasn't been cleaned in a while?  Yes.  That is a real spider web that you see in the attic and the floors are a couple of shades dustier than they used to be

The dish shelf has fallen down on the bottom wall...  All in all, I would say that it is time to clean. 

The inside of this building faces the other way when it is in place in the computer room.  I haven't looked inside for a while...Oops.

So much for taking a day off to play.  Back to work.  Who's got the dust mop?

See you tomorrow, if the dust devils don't get me!


Veronique Blommaart said...

Thank you! I feel much less guilty now, knowing that real life webs happen to other people too! :-)
Great purchases!No Michaels here and that is a sad, sad, sad thing!

Caseymini said...

Veronique, maybe you could find the products on line on some other craft site. Good luck!

12Create said...

I sometimes find my mini scenes in a similar state. However, I have one mini that I welcome dust into being a woodworker's workshop.

Caseymini said...

Sharee, I never dust the Witches Warehouse either.