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Friday, December 6, 2013

So...Where's Mozart?

I am not making very fast progress this morning.  I made German Pancakes this morning...That took over a half hour.

Walter left and I started making more roses and sticking down the ribbons, so that they flow naturally.

Then it hit me.  I knew where the George Becker harpsichord was.  In a shadow box above the Clockwork Trailer.  But....I couldn't remember where I stored the pieces from the TMS show. 
I wandered from room to room looking for the Cortland Doan case and the little lantern, that I had them in when I took photos right after the show.

I remembered that I didn't take the furniture out.  I just put the two boxes away somewhere....The somewhere for the Cortland Doan box was behind the table with the little jigsaw on it....Bottom shelf, right hand side.  Totally out of site.  In fact, I even had to move the table to get to it.  What was I thinking?

I still haven't found the lantern with the other chair.  It will turn up.  Soon I hope.

Anyway, the pieces that I was looking for were in the larger case.

First I just placed them in the case with no walls.  Tessie is not impressed with having a music room, unless it includes a boom box and/or stereo surround sound.

That's when she started asking where Mozart was. I am not sure if she wants him to play the harpsichord or date him...

I kind of doubt that either option would make her happy.  She would probably just put money in his wine glass and request "Bohemian Rhapsody"(Queen's version)

Anyway, my first option was the black, oriental, George the Third, chair and music case.

The second was this chair and table that are in the Chinese Chippendale style.

By this time, I was trying things out with the curtains propped against the wall to see how they look.

I am leaning towards the black furniture.  They somehow tie in with the harpsichord and stand out on the floor. 

The others seem to just melt into the floor.

I did notice that I still need to do something with the hinges on the door.  Too plain to go with the lock.

I have no idea why I am having trouble getting the last paragraph to go in the right place and why the background is yellow. 

I think that the powers that be are telling me to go back to work. 

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

I was thinking a fireplace would look lovely on the wall by the chair and a big framed print of lord something or other over the harpsicord would set it off nicely (maybe an old fashioned chandelier would work in the room?) sorry I've been watching all these renovation shows and they've gone to my head.

marisa :)

Josje said...

Oh the harpsichord is beautiful! So glad you found it again.

Caseymini said...

Josje, the harpsichord was never lost. It was the chairs and other smaller pieces. the harpsichord is a numbered and signed George Becker piece. I got very lucky and paid 25 dollars for it, years ago. One of my favorite pieces.

Marisa, there is absolutely no room for a fireplace. That wallis only five inches wide. The harpsichord has to sit at an angle, as it is. As fot the chandelier, I already had planned for the very end of the project.

Catherine said...

Those curtains are GORGEOUS~!!!!

12Create said...

Oh fabulous. I love the story of Mozart and when I was in Austria I visited his old houses etc, one of which housed a collection of old musical instruments, including a beautiful old harpsichord. A music room is perfect for this project and a chandelier will finish it off beautifully.

2minimom said...

That will end up being a beautiful music room! But I want to hear more about the German pancakes!!