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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No Guarantees....

I am doing this entry from my laptop.  There will be typos galore.

I went to write it on the regular desktop this morning and it wouldn't let me...Error messages on every page and no place to write.

Walter messed around with it and found that they didn't have IE-11 listed as a compatible  program...9 and 10, but no 11?

Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. 

I worked on the curtains and the Terrible two said farewell to George.  He will temporarily be moving to another location....He is not great for a Christmas decoration.

The curtains went a few more steps this morning.  I am doing them outside the box.
I took out the pins and laid the curtains on the window panels.  I glued and pinned them in place on the pin board.

Then I put on the swag.  Tessie is still fussing about the wrinkles.  I keep telling her it will be OK....She keeps having a hissy fit.

Right now, I am typing with extremely small letters.  I hit some key and everything is shrunken.  I do hope that it doesn't turn out this way on the blog.  I can barely read it.
Last night, I started another pair of socks.  I can't tell you to whom they belong. 

Tessie found more sock yarn...Do you think that I can make that many socks by Christmas?

I am going to take them to Wednesday Witches this afternoon.  At least I will get a little done.

I made Banana Bread this morning, so I will simply sit Tessie and Zar  down with a big piece.  That will keep them busy until I get back.

Here's hoping you can read this....

See you tomorrow.


Muriel Singer said...

Sounds like you have been kept on your toes today! Hope you had a productive afternoon.

Hitty Caroline said...

If you hit CTRL+ (CTRL and the plus sign - that looked weird when I typed it) it should make everything bigger.

And everything looks fine on the blog. Hope you get your desktop working again soon!

Caseymini said...

Thanks for the tip Hitty Caroline. Walter got it sorted this morning. He simply eliminated the automatic switch that the computer made to 11. Now it is working fine.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The curtains are just beautiful! George will be missed!
Big hug,

Jean Day said...

Your curtains look wonderful, I'm so sorry about your computer, they can be such a mystery that I hope you can solve soon. I've been knitting and crocheting lately too, mostly starting over. John says knitting is more of a journey for me than the finished product... Mini Hugs, Jean