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Monday, December 2, 2013

Floppy Walls and Wrinkled Drapes...

At the rate things are going, this may not be Tessie's new digs.

I finished pinning the draperies this morning...Her only comment was, "They are all wrinkly.  This will never do!"

This was from the lady that loves the color puce and jumping on beds....

I tried to explain that they would look a lot different when they are finished...She wasn't buying any of that.

She even had the nerve to pull Zar into the debate and threatened him with a large, yellow headed pin if he didn't agree with her.

Next I cut out the panels for the inside walls.  I leaned them against the Plexiglas on the inside to see if they fit.  They did....

However, Tessie was close on my heels.  She started whinging and whining about them being all floppy and white.  To quote her,"It looks like a hospital!"

She was just in a mood.  I explained that they had to be glued in and painted.  It did no good.  I showed her a selection of  paints. It did no good...

Finally, I just showed her and Zar the door and shooed them out.

The last I heard from her was an aside to Zar. "You know, I found some chocolate covered graham crackers in the kitchen.  Want to help me borrow some?"  Her polite way of saying, I am going to steal all of the chocolate covered graham crackers you have.

I looked.  There are two left.  She was being nice, in her own way.  One for Walter and one for me.  She knows that Christmas is coming....She's on what she considers her best behavior.

I did accomplish one other thing last night.  April and Amare's Christmas socks are finished....Two pair down and several more to go.

I am going to have my Chocolate covered graham cracker now....I will leave one for Walter....See?  I am also on my best behavior!

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

So pleased to hear everyone is on their best behaviour!!

mcddiss said...

hay que ver , Tessie es muy complicada de satisfacer, yo creo que esas cortinas son mas que bonitas ,
los calcetines de navidad son muy bonitos , me encantan los colores



Veronique Blommaart said...

Well you are sure to be on Santa's nice list :-)

Steinworks said...

I'd have eaten them both and then hidden the box..I expect a lot of coal in my stocking this year.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I look forward to seeing the drapes hung. The socks are great.
big hug,