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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rug Cleaning and Digging Out....

The last time that Walter used the Hoover rug shampoo machine, it didn't suck up the water right...He took it to the repair shop twice.  The second time, they assured him it was fixed....Unfortunately he waited a few months to try it out.

He started doing it this morning...I locked myself in the workroom.  He came in and showed me the container for the sucked up water....Less than a cup.

He is now out looking for a new rug machine.

I am hiding in my workroom until he gets back and finishes the job.  The bedroom rug, where he started is still sopping wet.
I decided that the safest place was to stay in the workroom.

Photo #1 is the before photo.  I am making progress.  Photo #2 is its state at present.

I can actually walk across the room now.

Some of the stuff will be moved to other rooms when he is finished doing the rug.
A couple of days ago, Water got a replacement gopher(Caddyshack) for the one that he has had for a lot of years.  It sings Kenny Loggins' That's All Right and dances, kind of.  I should say that the new one does.  The old one just stands there and looks at you.  Poor baby gave up.  I decided that I would adopt him, since Walter no longer wants him. 

I will have to knit him a new hat.  The new gopher has his old one.

Tessie took an immediate liking to him and has been sitting on his shoulder, supervising my work ethic. 

Unfortunately, during the process of digging out, I found another bag of flat feet yarn.  Now I do believe that I will have enough for a few Christmas presents....More than a few.  But I also am in need of new socks.  Some of my old ones have holes...and April tells me that some of her older ones are wearing out too.

Tessie put a sample sock on Geoffrey's head.  He never had a name before, so that's one benefit of not saying a lot.  He is no longer nameless.  Tessie has to name every animal in sight.

As I was cleaning, I pulled out the Christmas Cottage.  I had better get started on some of the decorating.

Tessie fist bumped with Santa like old friends.  Trying to get on his good side already?  Sure!

She doesn't waste any time.

Walter just got back from braving Walmart for a new Bissell.  We shall see how this one works.

I hear the new machine running like a champ...Which means I will be running for cover.

Back to the workroom.  I have things to put away and socks to knit...And I think that I should rescue Santa, before Tessie wears him out. He may not want to stay around for Christmas....

See you tomorrow.

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