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Monday, November 4, 2013


I promise to go back to minis tomorrow...I have to clear a path today.

I am sequestered in the workroom.  Tessie and Zar refused to even stand at the door with the other end of the string that is tied to my ankle.  That's how bad it is. 

They were in fear of getting sucked in...

As I cleaned, I found a few things that might be of interest.

First of all, this CD case.  Another one of the garage sales finds.
It might just become one of the temporary displays for errant minis.

I found it interesting, since not all of the shelves are the same size.  The larger ones could be for furniture and taller pieces and the shorter ones could  be for individual pieces or collections of accessories.

Phyllisa mentioned in a comment yesterday a few of the unusual containers that she has turned into mini rooms...I told her I stopped counting at 60.... 

This is my "attic".  There are a lot of containers up there.  Some, I have used and then put away for later and some have just been collected for later....The antique wooden box at the right will someday be turned into a general store.  It's only been there for about 15 or 20 years...Someday.  I am still collecting things to put in it.

There are two shelves inside the closet that have containers ready to be sacrificed....

See what I mean about having to clean? Ick!
I was cleaning out the top shelf of the bookcase and getting rid of some notebooks that are no longer needed...

I found eight pages of future purses.  I was on a kick of making my own purses at one point or maybe it was two or three points.  Every time I would get an idea, I would do a small sketch.

None of these have been made yet...Actually, I have been looking for these pages for a while now.....They were in a notebook, filled with mini sketches. 

Remember?  I told you I need to clean out.
One good thing that I found was this list.  I made it a year or so ago...  Unfinished projects.

At the time, all of these projects needed to be done...Some of them were multiple, three boxes or two birdcages....

I started X-ing out the ones that are finished.  I got NINE!  See, I do finish things sometimes...

We won't discuss the other things that aren't on the list.  Most of those have not even been started.

Tessie braved her way into the room about three feet...Now she is yelling for me to come and rescue her.  She swears that something on the top shelf is moving...She keeps shouting, "Spiders and snakes!  I tell you they are up there!"

I guess I should go get her out of there.  I saw Spike up on the top shelf...He's probably up there, with a rope in his teeth, dangling it over the edge.

"OK Tessie!  I'm coming!!!"

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Okay, Casey you win! I don't have 60 containers to fill with minis. And thank goodness! I'm confused enough with what jobs I have set for myself.
I didn't tell you about my shopping bag stores. My sister gave them to me many years ago. They are small shopping bags, decorated for Christmas,inside and out to look like mini stores. There is the Bakery,the Eatery, Toymaker and Candelsticks.
I filled them all. My sister said she bought herself a set and a set for her daughter, but I was the only one that did anything with them.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, the 60 are ones that I have finished. That includes several shopping bags. One is a valentine setting, another is an oriental shop, to name a couple. There are others, plus a whole drawer full of bags for the future. The sixty I counted were finished projects of different types.... I refuse to count the containers that haven't been used yet. I think that I will just call those my container collection. LOL

Phyllisa said...

Yes, Casey I have seen your shopping bag scenes because I have read every entry you have made on your blog.Love them all! And I go back often to check back entries. Too bad there is no way to record that.
You have FINISHED 60 projects! WOW!
Congratulations, that is quite an
Well, to be sure, our "container
collections" give us something to look forward to.

Tabitha Corsica said...

I used to think I had a lot of "stuff" ... I no longer think that... :-)

Caseymini said...

Actually Phyllisa,there are more out there. I didn't count things that I have given away or sold...