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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Vote Doesn't Count...

I did do a little mini-ing this morning...Under duress...

It was decided that Nellie would be needing a place to put her personal belongings in the new cottage....And I should be the one to build it.

It's not enough that Tessie and Zar have to gang up on me.  Now Tessie and Nellie are forming a tag team too.

At least the cabinet can't be very big.  The only place to put it is next to the fireplace on the second floor.
After I drew up the plans, the three of them decided that it should be a bit taller and have a shelf inside.  Never satisfied.

Since when did this become the Terrible Trio?

Somehow, Nellie seems to be able to garner sympathy from everyone....Poor, put upon Nellie....

I used my books on medieval furniture to get the dimensions and the style right.  Then adjusted everything to fit the space.  Feel free to use the pattern, just not for profit or resale.  It is original.

At least Zar was nice enough to volunteer to help...The other two refuse to learn how to use a hammer, saw or anything else resembling a tool of any sort. Remember Tessie nailed herself to a roof a couple of years ago.  Maybe she is wise not to try.

I am hoping to work on some Christmas knitting in the evenings.  I wonder if I can con the two of them into helping with that?  Probably not...I would probably have better luck teaching Zar to knit.

Anyway, I promised to get back to minis today and I did. Not a lot, but enough to claim that I did.

I am going now and do the chest.  Maybe that will get me back in their good graces.

See you tomorrow.


Deni said...

oh that looks fabulous Casey I have planned out a few items for my tudor but that's as far as I have got around to do!
planning is easy making is a little harder!
Still its fun!!!!!!

12Create said...

Love the cabinet you have drawn with the wonderful hinges.

mcddiss said...

seguro que ese mueble quedara muy bien, no quiero ni pensar en la posibilidad de que el duo se convierta en trio , espero que no por tu bien



Steinworks said...

I love how Nellie just jumps right in with the rest of the gang, I think she's learned that from Tessie.