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Friday, November 1, 2013

No Trespassing!!!

Good Morning.  My name is Nellie and I will be your tour guide today. 

I refused to have a housewarming, because I know what those people do to a house here.

This is MY house and I intend to keep it well. 

Here you see it with the front wall open...Why anybody would want a front wall that swung away from the house is beyond me.  It will be closed and plastered later this morning.(Casey here.  She doesn't know I am looking on.  It will NOT be plastered.)

As you can see, I have pleasant accommodations fit for only one person. Me. 
Here's a little closer view of the whole house.  I do see one thing that Casey forgot to put in....I need a chamber pot!

She has thought of most other things though. Oh!  I could use some more food and a spoon.  Eating without utensils  could lead to crumbs and I certainly don't approve of crumbs...It leads to mice and other vermin, you know.

On to the everyday configurations of the little house....Did I mention that it is serious need of repair?  It tips to one side greatly!  I fear that it may fall down around my head at any minute.

This is how it looks in the evenings.  After a twelve hour day of stitchery, I am ready for a rest.

So far, all there is on the shelves is one pear..."Casey!  I need food!!!"
This is where I work.  I set up the frame by the front window.  It has the most light in the house.  Candlelight just doesn't work for fine stitchery as a primary source of light.

I am working on a coverlet in crewel work.

This is where I draft my patterns.  Here, I must work by candle light.  The windows aren't accessible  for light here. 

I tried all kinds of arrangements of the furniture and all of the other ways were impossible.

I believe that I will be happy here, as long as I can keep the riff raff away from my door.

Several times whilst Casey was working on the house, I found myself unable to get out of the house.  Someone put a large oak table in front of the door and stationed some dogs and even a tiger there.  I suppose that they were to keep me in, but I looked at it as a way to keep the riff raff out.  It worked well...Maybe I will find out where the table and animals came from and hire them out to stand guard over my front door all of the time.  It could be a boon.

Anyway,  I fear that I have picked up a few vulgar phrases from the people around here.  I do apologise if any of my language has been inappropriate during the tour.

Thank you for joining me.  Now get out!  I want to be alone.

(Casey here again....Sorry for the curtness of Nellie.  Now you see what I had to put up with while working on the cottage. The candle light is much less glairing than it was.  I painted the bulbs with a wash of yellow ochre.  They still look a bit bright in the photos, but not in real life.  I hear Nellie shouting.  What's wrong now?)

See you tomorrow.


Lady Jane said...

Had some blog probs so it has been a while since I visited. I love Nellies house. You have an array of wonderful characters and it is always a joy to visit and see what you have accomplished and to read their wonderful escapades...

chapchap73 said...

Love this house! Painting the bulbs gave them just the right touch:) Hugs, Sarah

Marijke said...

She got a really nice house, I hope she sleeps well in it!
groetjes van Marijke

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Great tour of Nellie's little house. You have done an amazing job with it.
It seems your next job will be food
and possibly cooking pots.

Steinworks said...

Hi Nellie
I like your house, tell casey to build you a mace or a nice axe..weaponry always keeps the riff raff away.


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Your crooked house electrical problem has been straighten out to great advantage. Your Nellie has the voice of a true artisan, only the work matters! Although a bit curt, I applaud her for speaking her mind and staying true to her character. But even the out-spoken must have sustenance so get that girl a meal! Soon she will be able to cook for herself, now HER fireplace has been repaired! :D


12Create said...

The crooked house looks very cosy for Nellie. I think she will be very content there once food stores and cutlery are provided.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, there are a couple of cooking pots on the shelves under the stairs. All she needs is food, a spoon and knife and I can't forget the chamber pot!

Veronique Blommaart said...

Nellie, your house looks wonderful. I agree a chamber pot is needed urgently! I think Casey did a great job landscaping away that odd gap under the chimey!

Cara said...

Oh heavens yes by all means get that girl a chamber pot!! I love the way the house came out. Fantastic as always.