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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cheaters Always Prosper....

 I confess.  Sometimes I cheat.  I rewired the pewter candlestick and when I did, I had to use American wiring, instead of English....Only one problem.

Our wiring is much thicker than the English kind. 

The candlestick wouldn't sit flat on the table...

This one was an easy one to cheat on.  The table is a cheap one, so I simply drilled a hole where I wanted the candle to sit and ran the line through and out the back....Which was formerly the front, but I didn't want drawers, so I turned it around.  Did you get all that?

I put a candlestick on the mantle downstairs. Oops. I forgot to add the mantle.  OK.  I will put that on my list.  I ran the wire down the back of that candlestick.  It is one of those metal miniatures that I painted brass. I then ran the cord to the back edge of the fireplace and down to the bottom.  It comes back into the back of the fireplace and out the back wall.  Well hidden.

I think that I am going to dim the candle light by painting the bulbs.  They are way brighter than the other ones were. 

Did I mention that I took the wire out upstairs?  It was simply a piece of heavier dollhouse lighting...One long piece.

No patching to do.  The hole for it was in the ceiling, behind a beam...

That piece of wire is now my lead wire from the house to the transformer.

See what I mean about the bright candles?  They drown out anything in the immediate area. 

I cut the spools apart and put them in one of the drawers that were in the table. 

We are essentially done with this except for a bit of landscaping to cover the bottom of the chimney where it floats above the ground.  Lots of bushes.  That should do it.  Maybe a few weeds.

Anyway, Nellie requested that I not tell anybody that her home was done....She saw what they did to the Witches' Warehouse yesterday....And they are still at it. 

I am NOT cleaning that up.  The witches will have to do it themselves.

 She, who shall remain nameless is still hanging from the broom landing pad.  Everybody flies in over her head and lands inside the door.. It's just a good thing that she had her share of bug juice before the party.  She seems to be hanging in there well.

See you tomorrow.


Marijke said...

What a nice rooms the warmth of the fireplaces I could almost feel, I wish the rooms were for let LOL!
groetjes van Marijke

Steinworks said...

I like it..what a clever solution!