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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mind the Gap...

For those of you that have not been to London, the title is one that I picked up from riding the subway there...It is all over the station platforms and on the door of the cars.  There is a gap between the platform and the car when the doors are open and you can easily trip....I did. Just once.  I learned quickly.

Maybe I should have built the cabinet on a backwards slant...There is a gap!  Oh well. 

I was a little sloppy with the glue on the inside of the door.  Maybe I will blame it on Nellie spilling something. 
I don't think that it will really matter, as I plan not to open it too often.

I promised you two kinds of hinges.  You are only getting the paper ones today... I figure that most people know how to do the metal ones and there are plenty of tutorials around on how to do it.

I opted for card stock hinges.  I used the black textured scrapbook card stock that I used in the bookworm bookcase in Zar's room.  I used the pattern that you see on the drawings and simply cut two  of them out of the card stock.  I did some texture on them with a tiny ball stylus and put nail heads in with the tip of a mechanical pencil.

To install them so that they would work, I bent the hinge part back. I glued the front part of the  hinges to the front of the door.

Then, being careful not to put glue on the door, I glued the bent part to the inside frame of the door.  In the above photo, the glue is still a tiny bit wet.  I will go back and cut off the excess or glue it to the inside of the frame when it is totally dry.

Here you see the front of the door.  The knob is simply a punched out flower and a piece of the same paper rolled into a tube and trimmed.

If I really want to open the door, I will slide an Exacto blade into the crack and pull it open....I don't intend to do that too often.  The card stock is very sturdy and will hold up for years.  And it looks like wrought iron. 

I almost forgot to show you my latest wire wrap.  It was a very plain pendant watch that I bought at Walmart, years ago..

What can I say?  I was bored.  It was there and so was the wire...

Now all I have to do is find a chain for it...

See you tomorrow.


Troy said...

The cabinet turned out great and so did the wire wrap - very creative!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I agree with Troy! I love the little cabinet and the glue stains just give the furniture a little bit of extra history! The things we love, we use and what we use, eventually shows that fact. I think that the hardware that you have included is the perfect compliment and Nellie should be very pleased, even if she doesn't say so.

And your pocket watch transformation is Fantastic!


Veronique Blommaart said...

"Mind the Gap" has been one of my life wisdoms for years :-). There are plenty of gaps in life one could trip on...Thank you for explaining the hinges. Very logical really. I doubt cabinet makers made furniture on a slant, so this is very realistic!
Hugs, Véronique

Caseymini said...

Veronique, I don't guarantee that they would Keep going with lots of use, but it is a good way to go if you just want the wrought iron look. I did a whole door with very fancy scrolled hinges in the "Once upon a time" castle. It looks real. Never meant to be opened.

Isabelle said...

I love the wire wrap watch!

mcddiss said...

ese armario ha quedado de lujo, y el relog me encanta



Deni said...

The jewellery you make is really interesting, I have never seen anything like it anywhere!
The cabinet is so cute!

Caseymini said...

Deni, there are lots of people making this type of jewelry right now. Just go to a search om msn or google and put in "wire wrap jewelry" and you will see lots. If you want to learn, there are lots of tutorials on you tube.