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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Back to Grade School....

I had an idea for a hand painted ceiling...  I went through all of the steps to make it possible and then decided that nobody would ever see it.

I thought that I would remind you of something that all of us learned in grade school. How to make your own carbon paper.

I put a piece of graph paper against the ceiling and creased it on all sides to get a pattern for the ceiling.  I cut it out...Now here's the grade school part.

You can tune out or follow along.  Maybe you have forgotten how to do it.

I creased the paper and made a pattern on 1/12th of the paper.  I folded it over and rubbed the back of the paper with a pencil.

When I opened it, I had a light copy of the first half, mirror image of the pattern.  One sixth of the ceiling.
I turned the paper over and rubbed the other half of the design...Pleas ignore the lighter part at the top...I rubbed the wrong section first.  Oops.

Then I turned the paper back over and laid it over a new piece the same shape and one section at a time I traced it six times. 

I had to darken the lines a bit, but I had a complete six sided pater.
I should have told you the secret to getting a good match.  fold the paper accordion style, not one side over the other.  You will get a more accurate fold.

Unfortunately, after all that work, I decided not to do it...Unless someone is laying on the floor, looking up, it will never be seen.

I might better put the time into doing a fancy floor....We will see.
This morning, with Tessie's help, I started doing the shingles on top.  I decided to use up a bunch of shingles that I have had for about 30 years.

If I remember right, they were a part of a kit for a gazebo that has long since disappeared.  I used wooden shingles on that one.

I do save everything....Even unused shingles...thirty years old.  I think it's time to use them.

We are marking and cutting as we go.  Tessie holds and I mark and cut.

It's amazing how cooperative she is when the project is for her.  I imagine she will loose interest in a couple of days.  I may as well enjoy it while I can.

I messed about with a layout for the inside.  Again...Not a lot of room and lots of tall walls.

I am thinking two walls with window seats.

I am not sure that I will be able to do stained glass windows like I usually do, but if it looks ok when I try it on a small spot that will be covered later, I will do it.

The thickness of the plexi is the problem  I am not sure that it will read as stained glass lead.  It may just be two lines with a lot of clear in between...They may just look like they are floating and fake.

 I may have to resort to a different treatment. 

Meanwhile, I should get back to it before my helper decides she would rather eat cookies and drink bug beer.

See you tomorrow.


Troy said...

great sketches! I like your idea for the stained glass and window seats.

12Create said...

I like your design idea Casey.

Lené said...

I'm also busy mulling over some stained glass windows in my Arabic Café. So far, I found liquid lead in the glass paints section and am leaning towards drawing a design on one side of the plexi and using either markers or glass paints in different colors. I couldn't find any golfer's lead tape in Dubai, so my options are limited. I cannot wait to see what your finished windows look like - I'm too scared to start mine!