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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Not Quite Ready for Parties...

I worked on the doghouse all day yesterday.  Walter didn't play golf until one o'clock and was gone most of the day...

I decided to play.

First I put a  pitched roof on top with foam core and illustration board.

I simply drew an equilateral triangle with a base the width of the house and went from there.

I had to have the house so that it would still open, so the roof was added in two sections.

The triangles were foam core and the roof and center brace were illustration board.
Luckily, one of the channels was running very old James Bond movies.  I had Dr. No and Goldfinger to keep me company.  I had not seen any good Sean Connery Bond movies in a number of years, so that was fun...

Last night I decided that the house needed some doggy décor.  I put Pit Bull paintings in my search....Not a lot, but enough to satisfy Spike.

Before I put those into the house, I painted the outside.

Spike insisted upon having his name above the door.  That way there will be no mistake as to the owner.

Tessie keeps nosing around...There is no way that she could use the house, but she keeps prodding me to hurry and finish.

I did three steps up to the area where the bed is and put Spike's collar collection in front, where he can get at them.  He is quite adept at changing collars with his teeth. 

The calendar above the bone bowl is a pit bull pinup. Spike is quite pleased with that one.

 I need to finish off the attic and then we will have a house, but Spike keeps hinting that he would like a small yard.  Picky dog!
Of course, he found these property laws and insisted on posting them on the back of the house...

That explains why he and Tessie are always at odds.

In fact, as I finished the photo session, Tessie came in, tore the laws off of the wall and took off...As she did, I heard, "These are MY laws.  How dare that dog try to steal them!  I have to change the top of the sign to "Tessie's Property Laws!  Then I will cover the bones and paw prints with pretty flowers.  No one will ever know...

Yup.  That explains everything.  Tessie is part Pit Bull!

See you tomorrow.


Veronique Blommaart said...

Love it!!! I'm in stitches :-) Spike's place looks awesome. I'm sure he's pleased with the pin-up :-) and as far as Tessie goes... Does she act up like this when Walter is around or does her charming personality only come out when she knows you are alone? You can't help loving her, tantrums and all!

Caseymini said...

Veronique, ,Tessie is Tessie. She treats everyone equally...

Lené said...

Spike is one lucky dog and his house looks gorgeous! He is certainly a very stylish dog (looking at all his collars) so he deserves a stylish home to retreat to when Tessie has one of her "episodes" hahahaha.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I have to say that I really like Spike's new digs! He has got it made in the shade. Next thing you know, he will be throwing wild parties and inviting all his doggie darlings over to see his etchings! hah!


Hannah said...

Wow! Such a nice doghouse =)

Deni said...

Oh I love that That should keep Spike very happy!!!
And I adore Tudor! lol
I have a couple of book boxes I dont know what to do with! I love books and seems I always end up making a library, these look great !

Katie said...

Love it Casey!! You always have the best ideas:)

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That is one delux doghouse. It looks terrific! Beautiful work, as always!
Big hug,