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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No News Is Good News???

This morning I started getting serious about the wiring.

Now that I know that they work, I have started splicing all of the wires together.  I found another light to add, so there will be six lights, counting the fireplace.

I put the bar lights at the front of the ceiling and ran the wires down either side just behind where the door is, when it is closed.  From there, they went under the floor to the center back.

The lights on the back wall will be two tin sconces and a nicely done pewter candlestick for the desk.

I got those from my friend Sue when she was selling stuff.

Those wires will go down the wall and will be covered up mostly by the desk and/or shelves.

They run to the left corner, where I left a space for them to go down to the empty space behind the staircase and fireplace.
The fireplace light runs directly to the back of the tiles and through the back wall.

Everything is attached to the lead wires that, in turn, go through the tiny hole in the wall and that leads to the transformer.

I am happy to say that everything is ready for soldering and insulation.

Then we can start the assembly of the whole thing. 

I still need to finish the fireplace. Then it's on to the fun part...

I asked Tessie where Zar was.  She looked at me out of the corner of her eye...and said...."I am not his keeper.  I have no idea where he went.".  Then after a few moments, she added...."Maybe he doesn't like this place...Can I have it?" 

I smell a rat!

See you tomorrow.  I have to go search for Zar.


Cara said...

There definitely seems to be the aroma of rodent in the air. It might be time to check the closets for a bound and gagged Zar lol. The box is really looking fabulous!

Deni said...

I dont like doing the wiring! Im not sure about it thats why I guess!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The room is looking great! The lighting you have decided will be perfect.
big hug,