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Monday, September 9, 2013

Light Her Up....

 When I went to bed last night, the chimney was still not dry...A few more days of this and I will think that we moved to a swamp.

I got the first coat of spackle on this morning...Now sit and wait another 24 hours?  I don't think so.
Time to do the dreaded electrical... It is easy, but for some reason, I find it a nuisance.  First of all, my electrical drawer is a mess.  Tangled cords and wires are not inviting

I found two Florette bulbs and holders for the front ceiling.  Then the flickering one for the fireplace.  I am not sure that I like that one.  It flashes of and on like a neon billboard.  No flickering that I can see.  I also found two tin wall sconces that will be great for the desk area, upstairs.

First, to test them out, I did side by side grafts on all of the wires and wrapped them around the posts of the transformer.  This transformer is big enough to electrify a 10 room house...I may just swap it out with the one in the townhouse.  It seems a waste of power.
Nest.  To see how they would look in the room, kind of.  I taped the florettes to the ceiling at the front.  They will be covered by the door frame.

I just left the others on the floor for the time being...  The leads weren't long enough to do anything fancy.

I do think that this will give the room enough light, even with the door closed.                

I am still not sure about the flickering fire  light. 

I am going to run the wires today and I will be sure to leave enough lead to change that one out if I need to.

Walter and I are going to a movie this morning, so that will cut a couple of hours out in the middle.  When we get back, I will go straight back to work....And I will be looking for Zar.  Tessie is in a very helpful mood and Zar seems to have disappeared again...

He isn't any more enthusiastic than I am about wiring....Strange.  Maybe it's because he uses mainly steam and gas power in his work.  Maybe I should try gas lights...Maybe not...

See you tomorrow.

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2minimom said...

I'm always concerned when I think about trying out wiring. I hope you enjoy the movie!