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Sunday, September 15, 2013


I have said it before....The gluing jig is my best tool, after my exacto.

I was not getting any happier with the macramé. I kept going and I kept saying to myself, "I don't care if it was a 70s thing...It doesn't work here.  Then I finally threw it across the room and started framing.

I got two framed and in the jig.

Then I went to work painting the chimney and putting the first coat of spackle on the inner walls of the fireplace.

So much for that.
 By the time I got back to the bedroom, the pictures were out of the jig and being tried out in the room.

The Terrible Two can sometimes be the Terrific Two.  Then found the right places for both of the ones that I framed...And tried them out.

Tessie insisted that this lighting was just right for atmosphere....I told her it was just right for "dark".  I think that this one should go a little to the right, but other than that, since I cut it down in size, it looks pretty good there.  So much for macramé...
Meanwhile, Zar got out the razor saw and Tessie held down the miter box and they framed this one as an extra.  I am going to have to find a place for it...

Zar hinted that it would look good in the Clockwork Cottage, if I ever get back to finishing it....Hint.  Hint.

Anyway, I got an E mail from Walter saying he will be back around five this afternoon... So much for minis...I think that I should make at least a path from the back door to his recliner before he gets here...

The first two days were fun. The third is for cleanup.

See you tomorrow.


sera xi's said...

I love the paintings. Congratulations. Hugs.


Anonymous said...

The "terrific two" sure know how to decorate a room :) I really like the way these paintings looked framed they compliment each other well. I definitely need to get myself a glue jig like yours!


2minimom said...

I, too, love the paintings! Way to go....

Deni said...

They look great!looking great hanging up in the room!
I haven't ever found that jig I know they were around but being in a city, where there are no miniature shop or folks make them, I never did get around to getting one... I don't make enough minis to be needing one now!