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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A New Secret Weapon...

I had already planned on doing the tools for the fireplace to match, but didn't mention it yesterday.

I got a comment from 1-2 Create that it would be a good idea...Yes.  I know.

Anyway, I got out the wire again this morning.  These took a bit longer than the fire dogs.  None of the pieces were the same.
 First  did the rack to hold the tools.  I am not going to go into great detail on how I did these.  It would take a small book to tell you everything that I did.  But I will give you a general idea.

I started the rack at the bottom...Knowing that these things usually have a base to protect the floor, I started with a 1/2" based coil of the #18 square wire.  That turned into the middle, twisted wire of the backbone.

Then I wrapped the base with half round to keep it from bending and coming apart.  The rest was done essentially like the fire dogs. Same design, but a little taller.

Now. About that secret weapon.  When I think about all of the old paintbrushes that I have thrown in the garbage over the years, I am very irritated that I didn't take one apart before now.

First I applied glue to one and tried to cut off and wrap the bristles all in one bunch for the little broom.  Total disaster.  I tried three times in different ways...Just didn't work.

Then I grabbed a new brush, wondering if I could saw part of the ferrule.  I always assumed that they had to be pretty tough metal to hold the bristles in the brush....Wrong, with a capital W!

I grabbed my little jewelry side cutters and took a bite out of one side.  To my surprise, it was VERY soft.

One cut on either side and I was through it with a clean cut.

I decided that it was intriguing and worth an experiment or two.  I needed something to make the little shovel with. 

I took the wire snips and chewed my way up the middle of one side.  Rough edges, but easily trimmed with a pair of old scissors.

It was getting better and better.  Nice shiny brass that could be cut with scissors and depending on the brush size, a pretty useful piece of metal for minis.

Within a matter of minutes, I had the shovel formed and all I needed was the scissors and my needle nose pliers.

Zar is very pleased with the resulting tools and Tessie is still snitting .... Is that a word?  Well, that's what she's doing.

She is quite envious of Zar's new toys.  She tells me that, "Those are much too feminine for Zar.  Way too many curlicues.  They would look much better in MY fireplace...If I had a fireplace...(Heavy sigh here) None of my places even has a fireplace...Woe is me..."

Anyway, I don't see a fireplace for her in the near future.  I have to finish Zar's  conversation pit.

See you tomorrow.


hopeful said...

Really great idea Casey. I'm always completely blown away at the turns your mind can take. I think if "uber-creative" was a word in the dictionary - the definition would say: "See entry for Casey Rice". - Marilyn from Canada

12Create said...

It looks fabulous Casey. Zar had to have the tools to keep the fire going in that wonderful room.

Anonymous said...

These look so good! I especially like the colouring of the metal, it has a nice finish with the warm gold. I like how you used the little brush end too, so creative!

Kathi said...

Beautiful! :D

Deni said...

Oh they look very impressive!

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