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Friday, August 16, 2013

Don't Mention It!

You won't see hide or hair of Tessie, Zar or Spike this morning... I made the mistake of opening the door of the workroom with them in earshot.

As I did, I said, "Oops!  Cleaning day!"

Tessie zapped all three of them away.  I have no idea where they are hiding, but definitely not in the workroom...

When I can't walk from one corner to the opposite one, it is time to straighten...Within reason.

The catch is, if I find something interesting to do in the midst of the straightening...I pause.

This morning, it was the HOM kits that I put together last week.  They were all standing there begging to be stained...How could I say no?
First I did the two low tables and the mirror in Red Mahogany Minwax. 

Then the chest on chest and the shelf unit from the Weaver's Workshop were stained with Golden Pecan.

It's amazing how different the stain looks on the two.

The chest on chest is bass wood.

The shelving unit is cherry. It will stay the way it is.

The chest on chest may get a darker stain or be painted.  If I paint a piece, I always like to have stain underneath.  That way if it gets distressed, it will look more like an old piece that someone painted over.

I know.  This is boring....It isn't going to get better until tomorrow.  By then, I will have found the three unhelpful helpers.  I should have kept my mouth shut.

 I am now going to go make cookies.  If I do that, they are sure to appear as soon as the smell starts drifting their way.  Yes.  Even Spike....He eats around the chocolate chips.  They are not good for him and he knows it.  It's OK.  The other two will eat them, so nothing will be wasted.

See you tomorrow.

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Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I hear you about distractions from cleaning and long pauses to peruse other interests. I like the results of your stained wood pieces and you always make them unique and interesting and functional.