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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weaving and Weaving and Weaving....

This morning I got up and finished the bunny hutch...Now where's the cat going to sleep?

I eliminated half of the wires as I went up and when I got where I wanted to go, I wrapped the wires with the thread around the top and curled the ends. Then I put a braid around the door.

So much for that experiment.  It was fun and Bunny likes it.
I used all of the rolled magazine sticks that I had done and got this far last night.  It isn't easy twining with Widget sleeping in the basket.  I couldn't keep him out....

This morning, when I wanted to take a photo, he was having none of it.  Bratty cat!

I am up as far as the top of the window in the back.  I am adding in new weavers to go up from there. 

The end is in view...It had better be.  Widget wants his house and he wants it now...Cats and bunnies are all the same.
I went back to the rug this morning.  Its not too bad, considering that I have a limited choice of crewel wool.

As I said before, this could take a while.  What you see is about a hundred rows.  It's not quite an inch high. The side that you are looking at will be the back.  That's the reason for all of the little ends sticking out.  They will be trimmed after the rug is complete.

If I ever want Tessie to join in the weaving, I had better get back to the workshop.

She's waiting and wailing...."I want my workshop and I want it NOW!

Cats, bunnies and Tessie....All impatient.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

wow, esas cestas te han quedado muy bien , es normal que Widget este mas que impaciente por que termines la suya
esa alfombra esta muy bien



Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Your bunny hutch has turned out very well indeed. The added fillip of the curled top was just what it needed and it looks charming! Well done! As to uncooperative animals well,..... that is just the nature of the beasts, God bless em'


Lucille said...

It's so small. One hundred rows and not even an inch! Amazing! You are so patient. Bunny's new abode is so cute and you cat amuses me. He wants what he wants and he seems to get it. I don't know much about cats and I'm so surprised that he would like a basket made out of paper. It probably feels comfortable!

Fabiola said...

The bunny hutch is fantastic and very original.
Greetings, Faby