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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Out! No Trespassing!

 Poor Zar.  This morning, Tessie announced that she was taking over the bottom floor of the Weaver's Workshop. 

She wants it for a sales room.

It only took a small rake to force him to leave, carrying his beer and flask...I did notice that she kept the furniture and his favorite saw.

I have the feeling that she will need his help to get the shop in shape....I wonder how she is going to accomplish that?
Zar got the bottom of the wicker chair done last night.  I started the top.

Maybe, since he is now cast adrift, I can now hire him to work on the wicker.  He is carrying around a sign..."Will Work For Cookies".  
Before I could get to the chair, Tessie took over.  She seems to have the same problem that I have.  Widget has to sit in his basket whilst I weave...Spike has already claimed this chair as his...

What is it with animals and weaving?  They seem to think that every piece is for their benefit.

Shortly after I took this photo, Tessie left to look for furniture for the shop in the "Mom Store". 

I have to stop letting April influence Tessie.  She keeps telling all of my secrets...I will have nothing left in the workroom if Tessie keeps shopping there. 

She is already talking about letting me have the rust colored chair to put back where it belongs...If I do a companion piece for the chair that she is pretending to work on so diligently.  The kind of companion piece is not specified.

I guess I should go look over her shoulder whilst she shops, or the workshop will be down to bare bones....And in an even bigger mess than it is now.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

Tessie se apodera de cualquier cosa que ve ,parece ser , esa silla me gusta mucho ,asi de un color oscuro queda muy bien



Veronique Blommaart said...

Snicker @ Will work for cookies. :-)
It's a joy reading your blog!

Good luck surviving Tessie's shopping spree!

Cara said...

Poor Zar!!

chapchap73 said...

The Mom store always has the best stuff at rock-bottom prices:D Poor Zar needs you to get his Clockwork done so he can hide from Tessie in the secret room. Weaver's Workshop is looking good, what is Tessie going to be selling? Magic Carpets perhaps? Hugs, Sarah

Caseymini said...

Sarah! That would be a conflict of interests. Tessie is a part owner of the Witches Warehouse and that sells flying carpets in the second floor, transportation department. They sell magic carpets, brooms and, for the modern witch, the latest models of electric vacuum cleaners with verrrry long cords