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Friday, July 5, 2013

Bead Sorting....Sort Of....

 After you left yesterday, I decided to sort out the jewelry making supplies....Almost...

I took one look at the three shelves that they are on and decided that one out of three isn't bad....The top shelf looks normal...

Besides, it was a holiday. 
The two top shelves were not bad.  It was the bottom shelf that was crazy... Notice how it got better and better as I looked at it...

I got as far as finding a bead tray. Then I found some miscellaneous beads.  Then I found needles, thread and wax...What more do I need to round out the holiday?
I've been wanting to try  free form peyote stitch...This is my first attempt, half done.

Kind of messy, but cool.
This is where the beads for it came from.... Still not sorted, I might add.

Actually they are ideal for free form.  Bead soup.

I will go back and add some things on top and a clasp and call it finished.  For my first try, it's not too bad.

Tessie found it this morning and announced that it was, "Sparkly and just right for a shoulder wrap."

The only problem is, it is too heavy for her to lift, to get it around her shoulders...Especially after partying all day yesterday.

She's holding up pretty well, considering... Zar, on the other hand, wisely disappeared and is sleeping it off.

I have to go now and try to get it away from her, so that I can finish the procrastination section of the day.  Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


2minimom said...

Oooh, that will be a beautiful bracelet.

Lucille said...

It's a beautiful bracelet!