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Saturday, July 6, 2013

And the Bead Goes On....

I finished the beading on the bracelet and I don't like the centerpiece.  It is too big and bulky...So...It will come off and I will look for something else to take it's place....
So saying, I went and looked in the drawer where I keep UFOs for beading, thinking that there would be something  in there.

There were a couple of choices and a LOT of UnFinished  Objects...  The bracelet is on the left towards the back...I did find a couple of options. 

I can't get to them this afternoon.  We are going to Seth and April's for their birthdays.  They were born eight days apart...Yup. He's older. We celebrate in the middle.

While I was looking in the drawer, so was Tessie.  She found a finished purse and a couple of other things that I am going to be hounded about until I finish them...Why did I let her in here?

I wear a lot of black and white...You can tell by the six unfinished bracelets that I found.

I did get some repair work done last night.  The bottle sits on the bathroom counter.  It gets knocked over every once in a while...After ten years or so, it starts to show wear and tear.

The bracelet is my favorite and just from wearing it for about twenty years, it was coming apart in one place on  the edge.  Both are all better now.

You may ask, what does this have to do with minis?

Well...Tessie found treasures and so did I. 

What these were doing in with the beading, I don't know.  But I now have a barrel to put in the alley of the last mini mini project.  That one is logical.  It is a bead. 

The table and chair probably wandered in by themselves...I didn't put them there...honest.

Anyway, now I have the start of another mini mini scene.

I have to go make birthday spaghetti cupcakes now.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I love your beading!
I understand completely about things
"wandering in where they don't belong". This must be where that
pattern is that I have been hunting for the past month.I know I will open up some drawer or box not related to sewing and I will find it!
Wish I knew which one now!

Lucille said...

In your first pick, what strikes me the most are the small blue beads. Dark beads have a certain charm for me.

The grandmommy said...

I love the beading. Since the beads are small I will consider them related to minis. LOL